London Palace Guard

The Mega Metropolis

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The sun was shining very bright that morning, streaming through his Iron-Man curtains and onto his toys thrown around his floor. Sed’s mother was calling up to him from downstairs, asking him if he was ready yet. Sed had put on his red jacket with the large Iron-Man on the back. He had his backpack ready to go with his favourite action figures: Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor and, of course, Iron-Man. His mother called up to him, again, “Sed, can you please hurry up. Your breakfast will be cold”. 

“OK Mum!”, shouted Sed. He grabbed his bag and left his room to go downstairs. When he was younger the stairs used to frighten him because he thought that he might fall. But now he was a lot older and such things did not scare him anymore. When he turned five, he knew that he was now one of the ‘Big Boys’. He started Big School this year and knew that when you turned six you had to do brave things – like going down the stairs on your own. Which was OK when you took small steps and held onto the railings. 

He made it to the end of the stairs in no time and raced into the kitchen where his Mum was. The kitchen was half yellow and half blue because Mum decided to paint the walls. She wasn’t finished yet and Sed thought that the place looked very funny with two different colours. Sed’s Mum stood in front of the counter and took the cover off of the plate which had sausages and eggs on it. 

“There you are, Sed,” exclaimed his Mum. “I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve cooked your favourite, sausages and scrambled eggs!”

“Yesss! Thanks, Mum,” Sed said jumping up and down and running over to his seat. 

“Well, you will need all the food you can eat for your big day out in London. Eat up now and we’ll get the train then. I’m just going to get our coats ready, OK?” 

“OK,” said Sed as he wiggled in his chair, not being able to hide his excitement. He was so excited to get to go into the big city! His Mum promised him they would go there after he turned six, which was last week. He had been asking for ages now when would he be taken into the city, but his Mum had said to wait a little while longer. Finally, he would get to go in.

His friends Kyle said that it was HUGE! That there were really, really, REALLY, tall buildings that touched the sky. He also said there were so many cool things to see, like loads of people playing music, and even metal people who stood very still like a statue. Kyle said he didn’t think they were actually people, that it was too hard to stand that still. Sed just could not wait to see it all. 


It was his Mum, his younger sister Milly, and him in the seating area with the long table when they arrived at the train station. “Welcome to London station,” said a voice overhead. Sed hopped off of his seat, Milly doing so too. They were both very excited and giggling with glee. Sed wanted to run ahead and see everything. His Mum called out to them, “Sed, wait! You forgot your bag.” OH, NO! thought Sed. All his superhero toys! He ran back and found his bag on the ground, the zip a little open. He opened the bag to check that everyone was there, and took out Iron-Man to carry with him. Iron-Man was his favourite and should get to see London too, thought Sed. 

They were out of the train station now and walked towards a massive clock tower that looked really old. The clock was very high up, and Sed had to tilt his head back very far to look up at the clock’s face. “Just on time,” said Sed’s Mum. 

“For what?” asked Sed, but then a really loud bell began to ring out. 


Sed and his sister quickly covered their ears with their hands. “WOW,” they both gasped. “THAT’S VERY LOUD,” they shouted so that their Mum could hear them over the ringing. 

“It is!”, she smiled back. 

Next, they went to this moving wheel called the London Eye and got to go up on it. The wheel moved slowly and carried them all the way up to the sky! Sed thought he could see the whole of London. There was a really wide river that went through London and had lots of boats on it. The sun was high up in the sky and made the water shine and sparkle from above. Sed showed his Iron-Man figure and made him fly around the city. There were loads of buildings of different shapes and sizes. Some were very tall and jutted towards the sky. There were some other very cool shaped buildings too, one was even shaped like an egg! 

Their last stop on the trip was Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives Mum said. Milly was most excited about this stop. Milly was so silly though she thought we would actually get to go inside. When they got there, the Palace was surrounded by really high gates. Sed could see all the guards inside marching around and looked very busy protecting the Queen. Sed had his Iron-Man climb up the gate, pretending Iron-Man could help them too. But then suddenly Iron-Man slipped out of his hands and fell inside the Palace grounds. “OH NO! My Iron-Man,” shouted out Sed.

Sed’s Mum ran over to see if she could reach in but he was too far away. Mum called out to the guards, asking for help. The guards had started to go inside though and Sed knew he would never be able to get his Iron-Man. Mum kept calling out to people behind the gates and then a door opened and a guard marched over to us. He picked up Sed’s Iron-Man and handed it to him and smiled, before turning around to go back inside. Sed was so happy and shouted to the guard really loudly, “THANK YOU!”.

Sed and his family went to get food and then got the train back home. Milly fell asleep right away and Sed was starting to feel really tired too. 

“Did you have a good day my love?” asked Sed’s Mum.

“The best,” said Sed as he drifted off to sleep, holding his Iron-Man. 

This story was written by Chloe Reidy, a bedtime stories for kids contributor.

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