a lion and a puppy

The Lion And The Puppy

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The puppy was relaxing at home because it was raining. The puppy does not like getting his fur wet, so when it rains, he stays at home and has a nice warm cup of tea. Once the puppy put the kettle on, there was a sudden ‘ding-dong!’. The doorbell rang. 

The puppy was very confused because he was not expecting any guests to arrive. ‘ding-dong’ the doorbell rang again. “OK, OK I AM COMING” said the puppy. The puppy then ran to the door and looked through the hole in the door. “Rawwr it’s me the lion, please can I come in for a cup of tea, it’s raining lots and lots”. The puppy was friends with the lion, but has not seen him for a long time. He was a little bit confused and scared.  

The puppy then said “But you are a lion and I am a puppy and only other puppies come to my house, I only play with lions at the park”. This made the lion very sad, his beautiful mane was all wet and he really needed a warm place to rest. The lion said “I know you are a puppy and I am a lion, but we can still be friends and I can still come to your house even though we are different”. The puppy was then thinking what to do, he finally opened the door and the lion had a big smile on his face. “Fine….you can come in, but just for 5 minutes”.

The lion dried himself with a towel and became all dry. He then sat by the fireplace to get nice and warm. The puppy then asked the lion “Do you want some tea?” and the lion responded “Yes please!”. The puppy was shocked and said “I thought lions don’t drink tea”. This made the lion smile and laugh. The lion said “Yes we do drink tea, just because you are a puppy and I am a lion we can still like the same things”. The puppy then gave the lion a nice warm tea, with milk and sugar. 

“Do you like football?” the puppy said, “Yes” said the lion. “Do you like music?” the puppy said, “Yes” the lion responded. The tail of the puppy start wagging from left to right, and he said “that is so cool, I like those things as well, we can play together and be really good friends”. The lion then said “I also like skateboarding” but the puppy said “oh no, I don’t like skateboarding because I always fall over”. The puppy start getting said because the lion liked other things, he did not like. They both sat closer to the fireplace to get warmer, and sipped their tea. 

The puppy and the lion finished their tea and were now all warm and cosy. “What’s wrong?” said the lion. The puppy then said “You are a lion and I am a puppy, you like some things that I like, buy you like skateboarding, and I don’t like skateboarding”. The lion put his paw on the shoulder of the puppy and said “It doesn’t matter if we look different, or like different things, because we can always be friends”. He then said “do you like the things your sister likes”, “Ew, no!” said the puppy. “But you still love her, don’t you” said the lion. This made the puppy shy but he started nodding his head up and down. The puppy and the lion then start playing some video games on the TV. 

The lion then asked the puppy “why did we stop hanging out in the park?” The puppy paused the game and said “I am not too sure, I just started playing with other puppies, but we can be friends again”. The lion start jumping with joy and said “woohoo, we are friends, I can also introduce you to my other friends”. The puppy yelled “sure, they can come play games as well, because the rain has stopped and they won’t get wet!”. 

Moments later, ‘ding-dong’ the doorbell went again. “Those will be my friends” the lion said. The puppy then ran to the door and said “who is it?”

  • “Meow it’s me” said the cat
  • “Hiss it’s me” said the snake 
  • “Howl it’s me” said the fox

The puppy got really excited and said to the lion “Wow! You have so many different friends, not just lion friends”. The puppy then let everyone in for a cup of tea. 

It does not matter if you are a different animal, or like different things, we can all still be friends. 

This story has been written by Haz, a bedtime stories for kids contributor.

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