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Sweet Bedtime Stories: The Wizard’s Past

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I hope you enjoy another of our sweet bedtime stories. This is the story of the wizard’s past. Will there be a reason behind his actions Let’s read on and see.

The king and the maid climbed a very tall and very rocky cliff. The climb was filled with many perils and put the young lovers in grave danger more than once. The witch had alerted them to the one person who should be capable of stopping the wizard. 

At the very top of the cliffs was a small cave entrance. The cave turned out to be as big as the entire cliff. The king led the way inside the cave yelling for anyone who may live there. Despite the echoes bouncing off the walls, he had no reply. 

Then a sound came from behind them. It seemed the owner of the cave had just arrived home and she was not happy to have intruders. The strange woman had a dark complexion and long braids. She knew instantly why her home had been intruded upon but she did not care much for it. 

Her first thought was to instantly kick out the king and the maid but she decided to hear them out instead. As they told their tale of how they ended up at the woman’s cave, she stopped them and wanted them to leave. She knew all about the wizard’s crimes and the people he had hurt. It was not that she didn’t care but more that she had been hurt more than anyone else and she wasn’t even cursed. 

The woman was known as the sun watcher and she was in fact the wizard’s mother. She had the king and the maid sit down and poured them a cup of relaxing star tea before she began to tell her own tale. 

sweet bedtime stories
sweet bedtime stories

It was many moons ago, not long before the witch was cursed by the wizard. The sun watcher’s job was to rise and set the sun each and every day. If there was no moon watcher then the moon was her responsibility as well. She had always believed that her son would be a good moon watcher but as he excelled in studies, he grew dark within. He was often bullied at school and his mother did what she could to help him get through it or put a stop to it. It worked but it took a while. 

The wizard thanked his mother for the help but somewhere deep down inside he grew resentful of her. He began to question how she could truly understand him. He had no power other than his magic and no title to command respect. His mother on the hand raised the sun itself, no one would dare oppose her. 

She taught him many times to rule through kindness and love. The sun watcher had even tried to teach him to treat others as you wish to be treated but she was starting to see it wasn’t working. She stripped her son of the right to be the moon watcher. He didn’t have the kind heart he once had and was no longer suitable for the role. 

To help him find his way back into the light she gave him a small amount of her own power so he could summon light wherever he needed. She thought the warmth of light might remind him of who he was but it instead brought him to someone who would teach him curses in secret. After he became strong enough he questioned his actions and thought his mother might have been right. He travelled to a small forest where he saw his mother bestowing the title of star watcher onto a young witch and from there the rest is history. 

He grew more and more powerful from cursing the witch but it was not enough. If he wanted respect he needed more power so he poisoned a young swan to act as if only he could help. If he turned the swan human he could take her limitless power and it briefly worked before the witch intervened. It was enough though and he has been cursing people and growing more powerful ever since. 

“He was my son and if I just did more to help him then this kingdom would still be at peace.” the sun watcher said.

“You did everything you could to help him. His actions are not your fault.” the maid replied.

“Giving him a portion of my power was a mistake. I simply wanted to remind him of who he used to be.” the sun watcher said.

“Bullying takes its toll on anyone who is unfortunate enough to go through it. Sometimes it can even change the person for the worse.” the king replied.

The sun watcher refused to help. She was trapped in a tough place. All she wanted to put an end to her son’s crimes but she didn’t want to harm her son. She instead gave the king and the maid a piece of advice. 

The moonlight swan was named for being the moon’s reflections. Their tears can soothe any wound or curse. The midnight swan is named for the swan’s limitless magic. An enormous amount could be released all at once and undo any curse but it will come at a price.

The king remembered the witch’s warning of anyone who knew about the midnight swan and urged the maid to leave the cave. Just as she stood up to leave the sun watcher jumped up and quickly whispered into the maids ear.

“You can undo all this and stop the wizard but remember if you undo the curses, that includes yours too!!”

I hope you enjoyed another instalment in this mini series. If you wish to see the other stories in this sweet bedtime stories chapter then check here for part 1, part 2 and part 3. The finale to this mini series will be revealed tomorrow.

This story was written by Emma, a bedtime stories for kids contributor.

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