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Sweet Bedtime Stories: The Midnight Swan

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I hope you enjoy another one of our sweet bedtime stories. This is the conclusion to the mini series of “The Swan and The King”. I hope you enjoy this final chapter.

The King grabbed the maid’s arm and rushed them outside. All he could think of was the witch’s warning and the maids’ safety. It turned out however, that outside lies a much greater danger.

The wizard himself was waiting for them. He knew someone at some point would be at his mother looking for a way to stop him. It was just his luck that it happened to be the very swan he turned human. He may not be able to take her magic but he was willing to do whatever it took for her to give it up willingly.

The king urged the maid to run for safety but at the very top of the cliffs, there weren’t many options. She hid behind a large rock and hoped her king would be safe. 

The wizard was powerful and had an army of spells at his disposal that he wasn’t afraid to use. All the king had to protect him and the maid was a sword. It was his fathers sword before he passed and the king had always believed it would protect him.

The skies overhead rumbled with thunder as the wizard cast his spells. The king was barely able to dodge as he ran forward with his sword. He knew if he could just destroy the wizard’s staff it would be enough to slow him down. 

The maid cowered in fear as she clasped her hands over her ears hoping this long nightmare could finally come to an end. All she wanted at this point was her own happy ever after or at least that’s what she thought. She began to wonder what that would even mean for her. 

She wanted to be with the king forever but she also wanted all the curses to be gone. What about the wizard? He was evil but he became this way through being bullied himself. It’s not a good thing that he became a bully for power or revenge but the maid wondered to herself whether he deserved a second chance. 

Her thoughts were disrupted by an unmistakable noise. She knew the king had been hurt and looked over the rock she had been hiding behind to see him struck by his own sword. 

She ran over to him and pleaded with him to stay with her but he was weak. The wizard laughed at the king and offered the maid a deal. He could keep the king alive if she gave up her magic. 

She refused. The king was not gone yet and she knew many more would suffer if she gave up her magic. She thought of what the sun watcher said. It was true that everyone’s curses in some way destroyed them but for the maid it was her curse of being human that led her to the king. 

Could she really give up everything to stop the wizard once and for all? The king could do nothing but lean on a rock as he watched the maid march toward the wizard. 

sweet bedtime stories
sweet bedtime stories

As she walked the skies overhead turned a deep mix of purple and grey and all the missing swans returned and flew above. The maids’ hair turned jet black and her eyes turned orange. This was the midnight swan’s true form. 

The maid knew of the consequences but she was willing to do whatever it took to end this. The wizard cast as many spells as he could but they had no effect on the swan. The king could see the fear growing in the wizard’s eyes as the maid grew closer. 

She took the staff from the wizard and snapped it into two pieces before throwing them off the cliff. The maid prepared to release her magic to undo everything the wizard had done but the wizard collapsed to the ground and begged for mercy.

She knelt down and wrapped her arms around the wizard as she unleashed all her magic at once. At that very moment the entire world was wrapped in a warm, bright light. Everything had gone back to normal once the light faded. Well almost anyway.

The not so old witch was young again and her forest full of life. The mouse king and hops returned to their human forms but missed their animal selves. The witch gave them a blessing which allowed them to do everything they could when they were cursed but remain human with the exception of the ears anyway.

The peach king was safe and well in his castle. He had explained the wizard’s crimes to his people and after some time they began to accept him as their king. He was finally able to rule with peace as he had always wanted to. 

The wizard has been stripped of all magic and the sun watcher is helping him turn his life around. As for the maid, she’s back to being a swan. She released so much of her magic and undid all of the curses that she’s a swan again swimming silently with her parents. She now lives with all of the other swans in the lake in the forest. 

The cost of her powers was to lose her love. The peach king has lost his memories of her. On a full moon they would both look up and begin to cry. The swan made a brave sacrifice to save everyone. She knew she wouldn’t be with the king anymore but she was ok because everyone else was safe. Maybe one day these star crossed lovers could be free to love again.

I hope you enjoyed this mini series of sweet bedtime stories written by Emma. There is hope for more different series in the future.

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