sweet bedtime stories

Sweet Bedtime Stories: Pupkin and Cubcake

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Many sweet bedtime stories awaits you, here’s one of them. Pupkin and Cupcake are meeting for the first time! Why don’t you come along? This is just the beginning of the many adventures they’ll have together. 

It was a sunny and clear day in Animaple Town. Pupkin was playing in the garden with his two little sisters, Pupcream and Pupberry, and his little brother, Pupbutter. They were laughing and jumping into the piles of leaves, and barking in delight. Pupkin’s father came out of the house, and started scolding the naughty siblings after seeing the mess that they had made. He muttered to himself that he had spend the entire morning carefully arranging and scraping all the piles of leaves together, and now he would have to do it all over again. Pupkin’s mother stepped into the garden, drying her wet paws with a hand towel. 

“My adorable puppies, I made some cakes, cupcakes and cookies! Come get your snacks before your other little brother eats them all up!” 

Their other little brother, Pupcorn was in the house, playing the latest video game titled, ‘Pupping into space’. He had been waiting for that game all year and now he couldn’t stop playing it. When all the little Puppy siblings, along with their father and mother were all seated at the dining table, they all dug into the delicious and scrumptious treats that their mother had baked for all of them. 

‘Darling, slow down! You’re getting cream and crumbs all over your fur,” Their mother said, wiping Pupkin’s snout with a tissue. 

“The food is not going to suddenly grow legs and run away from you,” Their father laughed. “So there’s no rush, our dear Pupkin.” 

“But didn’t you say that your friends, the Lions, will be coming to visit us today?” Pupkin asked, still shoving the baked goods into his mouth. “I have to quickly finish eating so that I will be able to play with their son!” 

“Oh, that’s right. Their son, Cubcake and their daughter, Cubsyrup will be visiting us today. The last time, the Lions visited us, you weren’t able to meet their children because they were both visiting and staying at their grandparents’ house. But this time, you’ll finally be able to meet them! I heard from mother Lion that her son is just as excited to meet all of you too, especially you Pupkin, since you’re both the same age! Their daughter is more on the shyer side though, so I really hope all of your enthusiasm won’t scare her away.”

sweet bedtime stories
sweet bedtime stories

“She’ll get along just fine with Pupcorn. Since he’s usually always so quiet and keeps to himself but he’s been doing it even more lately because all he cares about is his beloved game,” Pupbutter said, stuffing an entire slice of cake into his mouth. 

“What time did they say they were coming again?” Pupkin’s father asked his wife.

“I think around 2pm so an hour from now! Are you Puppies excited? You’re all going to have two new friends to play with today!” Pupkin’s mother clapped her paws together in absolute glee and delight. 

At around 2:30pm, the Lion family arrived at the Puppies’ house. All of the children ran excitedly towards the door, their tails wagging furiously behind them. Mr and Mrs Lion exchanged hugs with Pupkin’s mother and father.

“We’re so sorry that we’re late. Cubcake was so excited to meet all of you that he spent so much time gathering all his toys and books so that he will be able to play and show your children all of them,” Mrs Lion explained, patting her son’s head. “He also made a sweet treat for all of you!” 

“A sweet treat?” One of Pupkin’s sister, Pupberry asked excitedly. Pupberry loved sweets the most out of all the Puppy siblings, her stomach seemed to have already forgotten about all the cakes and cupcakes that she had just consumed an hour and a half ago. 

“Yes, I made you all some fairy breads. I hope that you’ll like them,” Cubcake said, showing the Puppy siblings the nostalgic treat of white bread spread with butter and sprinkled over with rainbow sprinkles.

“I hope that you cut the crust off. Mother never lets us cut the crust off,” Pupberry whispered to Cubcake. 

She squealed in delight when Cubcake revealed to them that the crusts were indeed all cut off. Pupberry thanked Cubcake before taking the fairy breads from him. Pupkin’s mother told them all to come into the house. Both families gathered in the living room together. Cubmaple peeked out shyly from behind her mother. Pupcream approached her tentatively, introducing herself before taking her paw and asking her if she wanted to read some cool new robot books that her brother bought for her birthday last month. A wide smile appeared in Cubmaple’s face, she expressed that she loves robots. 

“Hello Cubcake, I’m Pupkin. I have been looking forward to meeting you all day!” Pupkin said, excitedly. 

“Hello Pupkin! I also have been so excited too! Do you like comics by any chance?” Cubcake asked, rummaging through his backpack. “My favourite series is Colours of the Animal Heroes.”

“I love Colours of the Animals Heroes too!”

“Really? Who’s your favourite character?” Cubcake asked eagerly. 

“Swordsman Doggreen! How about yours?”

“My favourite is Fighter Lionblue! But Doggreen is super cool! Remember that scene when he took down that monster with his eyes closed?”

“Yes! I couldn’t stop talking about that for weeks! My sisters and brothers were so annoyed with me.” 

“My sister was the same!”

Cupcake retrieved a comic book from his backpack and showed it to Pupkin. The glossy cover of the seven superheroes looked and smiled back at Pupkin. Cupcake flipped to the first page, and showed Pupkin it. There was a black and thick signature on the page along with the following words, ‘To Cubcake, Figher Lionblue’s number 1 and biggest fan’. 

“I actually met the author last year! I told him to sign it and he did!”

“That’s so cool! I wish I’ll be able to meet the author one day,” Pupkin said, staring at the signature in awe. 

“He’s actually visiting Animaple next month! Maybe we can go together?”

“Yes, I would love that!” 

The Lions family stayed for a few hours before they left the Puppy household, much to the dismay of both Cubcake and Cupmaple but their parents promised them that they will definitely be visiting soon. Mr Lion suggested that they could even come to their own house next time. Cubmaple exclaimed that she will be able to show Pupcream her entire robot collection. While, Cubcake said that he will be able to show Pupkin all his Animal Heroes figurines. The Puppy family all stood at the front door, waving goodbye to the Lion family. Pupkin was very happy that he was able to make such an amazing friend today, one who loves Colours of the Animal Heroes as much as he does. 

This ends tonight’s sweet bedtime stories written by Tina, a bedtime stories for kids contributor.

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