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Alex Flies The Hot Air Balloon 🎈| Riley and her Unicorn! 🦄 (SUPER STORY WEEK)

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Welcome to bedtime stories for kids. My name is Mike and I’m super excited that you’re joining me today because it is still super story week and we are already at day nine. I’ve. So if you have not yet listened to yesterday’s episode or the day before, or the day before, or the day before, then please go do that first, because then today’s story is going to make so much more sense, but don’t forget.

Also, if you want me to create a story for you then simply. Yeah. And he grown up to get in touch. Speaking of grownups, Hey grown-ups did you know that the very best way to support this podcast is to simply go and request a story, visit bedtime stories for to go and request your very own one. And those listening through any kind of apple device do leave a five star review as well as that helps me out a tremendous amount.

And it’s such an easy thing to do. Now, if you’re ready, then I am ready. Can we all put our right hand and our left foot as high into disguise? We can. Can you condo with me in 5, 4, 3, 2, let’s go

Alex and pizza pizza, or turn to the balloon and say goodbye to Ridge Sawyer. Oh, we go, Alex says, and back into it, the sky they go higher and higher and higher and higher, and the wind picks up again and it blows the balloon in a brand new direction. Okay. Alex looks over the edge from the balloon when he looks at the ground and he sees city after city and he sees schools and he can spot churches and fields and forests, and he can see kids playing everywhere.

When then annex looks up into the clouds and he spots a tiny little dot and this dot becomes big. And bigger and bigger until Alex realizes that this little duck is actually an airplane. The airplane gets closer and closer until the airplane flies right next to the balloon. When the window opens and the pilot yells.

Hey there. Oh, . It’s going great. Alex says, how’s the piloting going? It’s going great. The pilot says I just dropped someone off. So I’m about to land when the pilot steers away, the plane away from the balloon and continues to fly off into the sky to drop someone off. What does that mean? Alex thinks Trump’s.

Alex sits down in the balloon and he looks up into the sky. When again, he sees all dots in this guy, but this time it’s not coming towards the balloon. No it’s coming from the top of this guy. And it’s going down, down, down to the ground. Oh, it’s a para shoot. Alex says, hi, I’m Alex. As he starts to wave. Hi, I’m Cindy.

I just jumped out of an airplane to go skydiving. Sorry. I can’t stay around because I’m going to the ground.

Alex decides to also look for a place on the ground to land. So where can he land the balloon next? He tries to land the balloon by bringing it lower and lower and lower and lower. But when he almost gets to the ground, the wind suddenly picks up again and it pushes the balloon back up and up and up.

It’s almost like the wind is saying no, no, Alex, you can’t land a balloon just yet. So Alex decides to just fly the balloon together with pizza pizza, I guess just turn a little bit. When suddenly in the distance, a river appears a river that is flowing through a large part of the land that Alex can see from the balloon.

But wait, now, Yeah, it seems like their river is changing colors from a blue water to orange, to purple to red. What kind of a river is this pizza pizza? Should I try and land the balloon next to this rainbow river? Let’s do it. And Alex steers the balloon into the direction of the room. It’s tricky because the wind is still blowing, but it looks like Alex is able to make it.

The balloon is getting lower and lower and closer and closer to the ground. Then the balloon gets ready to hit the ground in three into, in one lending. Alex says a perfect landing. Alex places, the balloon right next to the currently orange river. And immediately Alex notices that they have arrived at a very special place.

I don’t know where we are, Alex says, but I feel that there is magic in the air pizza pizza. What do you say? Should we. And explore this magical place it and Alex and pizza pizza go. As they decide to walk along the currently green river, knowing that an amazing adventure awaits them in tomorrow’s episode.

And with that, we’re going to end today’s episode. Please do share this episode with all of your friends and your family. I hope you had fun. Join me in the next adventure. And if you want me to create a story just for you, then simply ask any grownup to get into it. So with that being said, I wish you good night.

I wish you sweet dreams. And if you’re not yet going to sleep, I wish you an amazing day. And I will see you in the next adventure tomorrow.

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