Quick Bedtime Stories

Quick Bedtime Stories: Halloween Ever After

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Trick or treating, sweets, costumes, spooky music and haunted houses — for humans, Halloween is fun! Tiresome, but exciting and fun, and the next day, everything goes back to normal. But what about the monsters? The ghosts and the ghouls, the Vampire and the Werewolf, the bats and the spiders? What do they do after Halloween? Let’s find out together in this short tale, one of our quick bedtime stories!

When all the children go back to sleep in the quiet town of Moonshire, and all the adults tidy up their houses, one little ghost, Gigi, and her pet spider, Sasha, wait for Mr. Sandman to bring everyone good dreams. She watches over humans, while Sasha guards the pets — even they need a good night’s sleep! Gigi calls for little elves to clean up the houses that parents didn’t have time to clean.

Amelia’s little brother, George, a mischievous boy, likes to play pranks on her, and where the elves have tidied up, he wreaks havoc with his ghostly powers. George only does it because it’s fun, he means no harm, but Gigi, being the big sister, and a good role model, tells him that he should behave, otherwise he cannot come to the Christmas party!

In the pale moonlight, Will the Werewolf howls, letting every other monster know that it’s time to get ready for winter. Gigi, George and Sasha go apple picking, while Will the Werewolf and Veronica the Vampire go to the pumpkin patch. Everyone is doing their part for the autumn harvest — even monsters need supplies for the winter! The ghost siblings then bring the apples to Zara the Zombie, who peels the apples, slices them and makes apple and cinnamon jam, George’s favourite.

Sasha the Spider, Barry the Bat and Calvin the Crow chase each other through the apple orchard, the cool autumn wind blowing through the leaves. When everyone gathered enough foods, they all go to the haunted mansion up the hill, where Wendy the Witch has her old, rusty cauldron already boiling. Sam the Scarecrow brings a basket full of wheat to make bread, and Mel the Mummy comes all the way from Egypt with jars of honey for the monsters.

Quick Bedtime Stories
Quick Bedtime Stories

Once everyone arrives to the mansion, the trouble begins — Calvin the Crow and Sam the Scarecrow don’t like each other that much, so they start to bicker and argue over every little thing: the temperature of the water, the number of apples, the amount of sugar for the jam. George the Ghost plays pranks on everyone, moving chairs and ladles around, misplacing jars, messing with the cauldron. Then Will the Werewolf is startled by Sasha the Spider and sheds hair everywhere!

Zara the Zombie accidentally drops an eye in the bubbling cauldron and Wendy the Witch uses the wrong spell, and turns Veronica the Vampire into a frog! Gigi is overwhelmed with all the problems happening at once, and she doesn’t know how to fix them! Should she scold her brother first or turn Veronica back into a vampire? Should she scoop Zara’s eye out or stop the fight between Sam and Calvin?

“What would mother and father do?” Gigi asks herself, concerned and confused, but she doesn’t have time to think, because her parents arrive, a little late, but right on time! Farah the Fairy and Sebastian the Skeleton enter the haunted kitchen with their hands full of sweets, only to be greeted by chaos. Waving her wand, Farah restores the kitchen to its clean state, every broken jar back to normal, every herb and fruit back in its basket, and Veronica back to being a vampire.

“We may be monsters,” Sebastian the Skeleton says, “but we are not scary beasts! We don’t have long until morning, and we need to work together if we want to have a beautiful Christmas! Sam and Calvin, maybe you should make the jam instead of Zara. Gigi, George and Mel, you should do the pumpkin pies. Farah, my dear wife, would you be so kind as to help Zara, Will and Wendy with the bread? And Veronica, I need you and Barry the Bat to take these sweets to all the children in the town.”

“What will you do, father?” George asks, looking up at his old man.

“Well, I can’t do much, son, I’m all bones. But I can sing a song to brighten up the mood! Would you all like that?”

“Yes!!!” The monsters all reply.

And so, the Halloween monsters go back to their chores, singing and dancing along to Sebastian’s cheerful songs as they get ready for Christmas. The haunted house up the hill smells of freshly baked bread and cinnamon, and it’s filled of happiness and magic, but no one knows, because every human in the town is sleeping peacefully, dreaming of monsters dancing and cooking.

When the sun begins to rise, and the birds chirp to announce a new, beautiful morning, Gigi, George and Sasha go back home. They must rest until Christmas after such a tiresome night, but they fall asleep knowing that they will soon see the other monsters for a night of fun! 

“Good night, my children!” Farah tucks the ghost siblings into bed before kissing their foreheads. “I will see you again on Christmas!”

Until then, I hope you enjoyed this tale, one of our many quick bedtime stories!

This story was written by Daria, a bedtime stories for kids contributor.

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