5 Minute Bedtime Stories

5 Minute Bedtime Stories: Cassiopeia

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Do you need some 5 minute bedtime stories to help you go to sleep? Then, I suggest you read this one! 

Cassiopeia was a lively and curious girl who, like any other kid her age, liked to play with her friends, read books and meet new people. She was very clever and had an extremely wild  imagination. So wild that it was often almost impossible to have it under control. In fact, she had just one flaw that could overshadow all her qualities: lying. She used to lie a lot. Not only  to get out of difficult situations, but also when there was no need to at all. It was a habit that her parents couldn’t stop or control. They had tried to make her understand that lying was wrong, but she wouldn’t listen. She didn’t see that as a problem because she believed that her lies were innocent and couldn’t do any harm. 

One day, Cassiopeia went with her mom, Alexandra, to the town market. That day there was a new stall selling animals which attracted her attention. She pulled her mom’s jacket and told her that she wanted to go there and pet the animals, but her mom was busy trying to buy food for Sunday’s dinner, so she told her to go first.  

Cassiopeia reached the new stall and smiled at the woman standing behind it. – Hello young girl, where is your mom? 

Cassiopeia was about to point to her mom but then read the sign “do not touch the animals” on  the cages and realised that if she wanted to pet those animals, she had to convince the woman to let her do it. So, she looked at the woman with her big brown eyes and replied: – I don’t have  a mom! I live with my aunt, that woman standing there next to the fish stall – She then lowered her head. 

The woman felt very sorry for Cassiopeia and started asking her questions to which she replied with more lies. The more she believed her the more she had fun. 

– I wanted to ask you if I could play with your rabbit, it reminds me of the rabbit that my mom bought me before leaving me at home with my aunt. 

The woman thought about it for a few seconds but then agreed to let her pet her animals. She opened the cage and handed the rabbit to Cassiopea.  

After a few minutes Cassiopeia’s mom approached them and since they were running late for lunch, she told Cassiopeia they had to leave. She wouldn’t listen and kept playing with the rabbit.

– Come on Cassiopeia! We have to go now! – Alexandra said, raising her voice. Then turned to the woman standing next to the stall – I’m very sorry if my daughter bothered  you, we’re leaving.  

– She wasn’t…wait! Daughter? Isn’t she your niece? – asked the woman believing she had  misheard what she had said. 

– No, she’s my daughter. 

– She told me you were her aunt!  

Alexandra sighed, took the rabbit from her daughter’s arms and apologised again to the woman  explaining to her that Cassiopeia was not to be taken seriously because she liked telling lies.  The woman felt shocked and offended but didn’t want to show that a ten-year-old girl had made fun of her and therefore said goodbye with a fake smile on her face.  

The next day, Cassiopeia and her mom went back to the town market. Cassiopeia’s first thought was that woman’s stall with animals. She went back there to see if she could pet another animal.  When the woman saw Cassiopeia approaching she thought that she wasn’t going to let her make  fun of her that time. She was still offended and irritated by her behaviour, but she made an  effort and tried to hide it. 

– Hello Madam! I believe you remember me – Cassiopeia said with a smug attitude – I  came back to ask you if I may pet the parrot this time. 

– I am sorry young girl, but this time I won’t let you pet any of my animals. What you did yesterday was wrong and now I don’t trust you anymore. 

– But I wasn’t lying as she said. She’s really my aunt! She just doesn’t want people to know! 

The woman tried to control herself as she listened to Cassiopeia’s lying again. – You are still trying to convince me that she’s not your mom? 

– But I’m telling the truth… May I pet the parrot now? 

– No, you may not! I have had enough of your behaviour, I will show you that lying has consequences and next time you will be more careful when talking to people! The woman whispered something into the parrot’s ears and then took it out of its cage.  – Now you may pet the parrot!  

Cassiopeia felt very confused but she really wanted to pet the parrot, so she just took it from her  arms. 

After a few minutes, like the day before, Alexandra arrived and apologised to the woman for whatever lie her daughter may have told then left with her. There was something different  though and Cassiopeia was about to find it out. 

At home, when Alexandra asked her daughter if she had done her homework Cassiopeia replied  that her teacher hadn’t given any homework for the week and that she wasn’t going to  interrogate them for a whole month. Cassiopeia’s mom, knowing her daughter, decided as usual  to check if that was true. She called one of Cassiopeia’s classmates’ mom, Sandra, who  surprisingly confirmed Cassiopeia’s version. That was a surprise for both Alexandra and  Cassiopeia, because she thought she had found an excuse not to do her homework but it turned  out to be true. In fact, from that moment every lie that Cassiopeia told would become true. It  didn’t take long for her to figure out what was happening, but she still didn’t know why.  

She then started to use that new “power” to her advantage. She would tell her dad that her mom  had agreed on taking her to the amusement park or that her dad wanted to buy two dogs and  three cats. She went on for a week telling lies that helped her get what she wanted. She was enjoying it but at the same time her habit of lying became so natural that she wouldn’t even realize she was doing it.  

One day Cassiopeia met Sandra, her classmate’s mom, who invited her and her family to go  camping with them the next week. She was constantly trying to convince Cassiopeia to go with them but Cassiopeia really hated camping. She didn’t want to go and therefore invented an excuse.  

– I’m sorry Mrs. Sandra but my mom is sick and I can’t come. I need to help her and my dad because she’s so sick that she can’t get up from the bed.  

– I didn’t know that! I should call her! 

– It is better that you don’t, she doesn’t want to talk with you! Bye! 

5 Minute Bedtime Stories
5 Minute Bedtime Stories

Cassiopeia said goodbye and rushed back home. She didn’t realize what had just happened.  When she got in, she found her mom lying on the couch surrounded by tissues and wrapped up  in sheets.  

– Mom what happened? – Cassiopeia was scared. 

– Don’t go near your mom Cassiopeia, she’s sick! – her dad said while handing a pill to Alexandra. 

At that moment Cassiopeia realised that that was her fault! She had caused her mom to be sick because of what she had told Sandra. She panicked and then after thinking about it said to her dad:

– She’s going to be okay, I called the doctor and he said that she will feel better in two minutes! 

– That’s nonsense! – her dad shouted. 

Contrary to expectation, since that was a lie, her mom actually got better after two minutes.  Everyone was surprised except for Cassiopeia who was still concerned about what had  happened. She hadn’t thought about the consequences of her lies, she was using it to her advantage but didn’t want the people she loved to get hurt. She immediately started to panic,  thinking of all the things she had been saying those days.  

While she was thinking about that, her mom, who was already feeling good, started arguing  with her dad because the dogs de decided to buy had chewed all the chair’s legs.  – This is your fault! It was your decision to buy these dogs, without even mentioning it  to me! – Alexandra shouted. 

Cassiopeia realised that that fight was her fault too! She was the one who told that her dad wanted to buy two dogs and now her mom was angry at him.  

﹤﹤I had never thought of the consequences of my lies﹥﹥ While thinking these words she remembered that woman at the town market and her weird behaviour. She realised that she had cast a spell on her and that she was the only one who could help her. 

She decided to go the next day to the town market to sort things out. 

The woman saw Cassiopeia walking towards her stall the next day. She knew what she was doing there and chuckled satisfied.  

– Good morning!  

– Good morning young girl! How are you? I haven’t seen you around. The woman was acting as if everything was normal but Cassiopea was very angry and couldn’t help but shout at her – You cast a spell on me!  

The woman laughed joyfully – Come on, I didn’t expect you to be this angry, I thought you would enjoy it! 

– It is not funny at all! Please reverse it! 

– Oh, I see, maybe you realised that lies can actually harm people. 

– Yes, I learned the lesson, but now please undo it! 

– I won’t do such a thing, you didn’t learn anything. I don’t think you have understood  the problem at all actually.  

– I did! It’s bad and I won’t lie again – said Cassiopeia losing her temper.

– See, I don’t believe you, that’s another consequence of lying, people lose their trust in  you. So, I don’t think I will change anything. Goodbye! 

Cassiopeia felt lost. If the woman wasn’t going to help her she would have had to live all her life with the fear of saying something that might hurt someone. She was sincerely sorry but the woman ignored her requests. She didn’t know what to do. She left with her head down while  the woman looked at her satisfied.  

While walking away she bumped into someone, it was her uncle Klaus. – Cassiopeia, what are you doing here? Who’s that lady you were talking to? Cassiopeia looked at him and suddenly knew what to do.  

– You know what uncle? I will tell you who she is – she smirked – That woman cast a  spell on me that makes every lie I tell true. I went to speak with her to make her reverse  it and luckily, she told me that her spell was only temporary and that it will expire in  just… three minutes and that all the effects of the spell are going to disappear as well.  She also said she’s leaving to start a new life somewhere she has always wanted and that she will never come back here. 

Her uncle stood there looking at her confused – Your lies are getting worse, I am taking you home to your parents.  

Suddenly they heard the woman shouting – Goodbye everybody, I am leaving! Sayonara! Ha  Ha Ha! 

When the woman left Cassiopeia decided to test whether the spell was really cancelled. – Uncle Klaus, my mom told me that you were going to take me to the amusement park today! 

– Nice try Cassiopeia, the only place I am taking you today is at home! They left together and Cassiopeia felt extraordinarily happy. She had managed to use her  greatest flaw to make everything go back to normal. She suddenly felt that he had had enough of lying

This is the end of our 5 minute bedtime stories by Giuliana De Angelis. I hope it helped you prepare for the long night of sleep ahead of you. Goodnight and see you next story!

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