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Juan Rides The Mega-Coaster ? | A Sleep Story For You #18

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Juan visits the local shopping center with his mom. He always likes to join because there are always fun activities happening and this time is no different.

In the middle of the mall, there is a huge bouncy castle and with that, there is a competition: The person that bounces the highest wins tickets to the local amusement part and gets a chance to ride the mega-coaster!

Juan decides to join and he gets 5 bounces. He goes higher and higher and he gets super mega high! To his mom’s surprise, he wins the competition and with that the tickets!

That weekend the entire family goes to the amusement park and joins the line to ride the mega coaster when they get to cut the line and join the ride immediately.

Juan’s mom is scared, his sister is scared and even his dad is scared because the mega coaster is truly crazy! Will, they survive the ride on the mega coaster?

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