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Alex Flies The Hot Air Balloon 🎈| Harvesting Caramel Lollipops 🍭 (SUPER STORY WEEK)

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Welcome to bedtime stories for kids. My name is Mike and I am super excited that you’re joining me today. Why? Because it is super story week and we are already at day number three. So if you have not yet listened to yesterday’s episode or the day before or the day before, then please do that first because then today will make so much more sense.

Also, don’t forget if you want me to create a story does for you then simply ask any grownup to get in touch. Speaking of grownups, Hey grown-ups did you note at the very best way to support this podcast is to go and request a story. You can visit bedtime stories for to go and request your very own.

And should you be listening through any kind of app? Do leave a five-star review as well as that helps me out a tremendous amount. And it is such an easy thing to do. Now, if you’re already, then I am so ready for part number three. Can we, oh, raise our left foot and a right foot as high into the sky. As we can count out with me in 5, 3, 2

and pizza pizza. We’re sitting inside the balloon. They’ve been flying through the sky for quite some time when alleys can see in the distance that the sun is slowly. Oh, we have to find a place to land and we have to find a place to sleep. Alex slowly lowers the balloon and gets closer and closer to the ground.

When just before lending, a gush of wind comes from below and at the exact moment when lending the balloon makes a really rough lending and the basket with Alex and pizza, pizza tips. Pizza pizza you okay. Perfect. Okay. Let’s explore where we are and see if we can find a place to sleep. Alex looks around and in the distance he can see eight tiny, tiny house.

Let’s walk in this direction and Alex and pizza, pizza, Starbucks. And as they get closer, the tiny, tiny house transforms from a tiny house into house, into a mention until they stand right in front of it. And they’re standing in front of it. Candy castle. Well, what is this? Alex asks that can be castle is huge.

If Alex had to walk around the Kennedy, cancel, it would take him at least four hours. It’s that huge. And the castle is covered in candy, gummy bears, licorice and chocolate and lollipops. Suddenly the door from the castle opens music, starts playing and the horse and carriage leave the castle. And just as it passes, Alex and pizza pizza, it stops.

Alex cannot see who’s inside. When the window opens. Welcome to the . My name is queen Candice, and this is my home. Who might you be? Well, my name is Alex and this is pizza pizza. And what brings you to the candy council today? Alex, I’m looking for a place to sleep. We just landed this hot air balloon and we cannot fly in the dark.

I understand. So screen Canada. Okay. I will make you a deal. Join me to the candy fields and join the workers in the final part of the candy harvest tonight. And you can stay in one of my sweet candy guestrooms deal. Alex says Alex pizza, pizza, and queen Candice make their way to the candy field. What are candy fields you ask?

Well, it’s a field after field, after field, after field filled with candy trees and in every field, there is a different type of candy that grows on the tree. It’s amazing. Alex queen candy says this field. I am growing caramel lollipops. I need you to harvest as many caramel lollipops as you can, and then bring them back to the.

Can you do that? Of course, that evening Alex spends two hours together with all the other workers, harvesting hundreds, no thousands of caramel lollipops. And a question for you. Would you have any idea how to recognize a ripe caramel Lily? Let me tell you how, if you get really, really close to the caramel lollipop tree, and you would take a deep breath and you can smell the sweet, sweet flavor, then you know, it’s time to harvest the caramel.

Alex and pizza pizza make their way back from the caramel lollipop field where queen can this already awaits at the Kennedy center. Awesome. Thank you so much, Alex. You have been really helpful. And you’ll have harvested many, many caramel lollipops tonight. Should I take you to your room? Alex follows queen Candice to the other side of the Kenney castle.

When along the way they’re passing lots and lots and lots of amazing Kenny, this will be your bedroom for tonight. Please make yourself as comfortable as possible. When Alex opens the door, an insight, everything. And I mean, everything is made out of candy there. That is from candy. The bathroom is from candy.

The pillows are from candy. Everything inside the room is made out of Kenny, Alex jumps on the bed. Oh, this is so comfy. Pizza pizza also finds a spot in the bedroom and it isn’t long until Alex falls into it. Deep deep sleep so that he can be ready for the next adventure, which awaits tomorrow. With that I’m going to end today’s episode.

Please do share this with all your family and friends. I hope you had fun. Join me tomorrow for the next adventure. And if you want me to create a story just for you and simply ask any grownup ticket in touch. So with that being said, I wish you goodnight. I wish you sweet dreams. If you’re not yet going to sleep, I wish you an amazing day.

And I will see you in the next adventure tomorrow.

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