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A Goodnight Story: My teacher is a fairy!

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This goodnight story begins with a little girl who lived deep in the Amazon forest with her Tupi tribe. Her name was Jaci, the representation of Moon. She was almost 5 years old when her classes were about to start, but she wasn’t very interested in paying attention to what was being told to her. Jaci was fascinated by her teacher’s wings. They were colored in a weird pattern: the bottom was light blue while the top was profoundly red. The girl could not take her eyes off of it.

“Is something the matter, Jaci?”, asked her friend Dakota. “Can’t you see how beautiful our teacher’s wings are?”, whispered Jaci. And both of them couldn’t stop chatting about all the fantastic possibilities that were in front of them. “I bet she’s the fairy queen!”, one said, “I bet she can fly to the moon and back”, the other exclaimed. They were so excited by those ideas that other classmates started to pay attention too.

All the trees around the children, the hot breeze touching their faces, were only feeding their imagination. As their eyes reached their surroundings, they could see many other creatures: a Big Snake made of fire (Boitatá), a boy with backward feet laughing and hiding (Curupira), a headless mule walking around happily (Mula sem cabeça)… All of them from a goodnight story told by their mothers.

goodnight story
goodnight story

“How about a little break?”, said the wonderful teacher as she turned to look at the children. But they were so distracted looking around and laughing! “Teacher, teacher! Can we visit your fairy realm? Pretty please!”, Jaci asked with such enthusiasm. “We want to meet all of your mystical friends! Please, let us go with you!” Dakota was excited. Nothing could make them change their minds about it. All of the children started to ask so profoundly that the teacher had no other choice than to take them for a walk.

“Do you want to know where I live?”, she asked looking at their shining faces, “Ok then! Let’s head to the river!”. The leaves under their feet made a crunch sound and soon they were able to hear the sound of water. Their eyes were looking everywhere, maybe paying attention to what would come up next. 

The forest started to change: trees would become more colorful, their leaves in tones of purple and blue, the grass in orange and pink and many insects turned into little people flying with glass-like wings.

The fairy people were playing and dancing around the other magical creatures, singing in tupi:

Brazil, country of magic and folklore!

Different people, different faiths

Different colors, different tastes

Brazil, full of emotions

Sad history, but hope in future

Our country was built with many cultures

Brazil, such a wonderful place!

The children were amazed! As soon as they learned the lyrics, they began to sing along. The teacher smiled kindly to each of them, “Our nature is blessed. As long as we respect it, we can be sure to have food and shelter”. 

She pointed to the folklore creatures “Curupira, the boy with backward feed, is the Forest Guardian, he protects us from those who want to destroy our nature”. “Can you see the Headless Mule? She used to be a woman! Now she is a light in the darkest nights, helping our people to cross the forest without any problems!”.

In the river, suddenly, a mermaid emerged, staring at everyone. The teacher approached her and said: “This is Iara, the Water Queen. She gives us fish and songs for our tribe”. Jaci, curious as a cat, approached the river too. Her friends did the same and noticed how beautiful the mermaid’s tale was. It matched their teacher’s wings: red at first, but light blue in the end. “Can we pet the fish, too?” Dakota asked. Everyone laughed, even Iara! 

All creatures came near the children, dancing, singing, laughing and saying “Jaci! Jaci! Wake up!”. She didn’t understand at first, but as the sound was getting louder, her eyes suddenly opened. Jaci was still in class, staring at her teacher’s face. “What happened? Where are your wings?!”, she yelled, surprised. The teacher calmly said “My dear Jaci, were you sleeping in class again? It is already noon! Time to go home”.

Taken by the hand, Jaci walked to her tent wondering if it was really a dream. It felt so real! “I promise I was not sleeping! You are the Fairy Queen, teacher!”, she insisted. Her answer was just a giggle “You have a wonderful imagination, no wonder your name means Moon!”.

Just after saying good-bye Jaci noticed that there was fairy powder in her hands and hair! Looking at the image of her teacher getting smaller, she could see her winking and flying away into the forest. “I knew it!”, she giggled and looked forward to tomorrow’s adventure!

This is the end of our goodnight story! Have a magical night!

This story was written by Carol, a Dream Away stories contributor.

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