funny bedtime stories

Funny Bedtime Stories: Dreams Come True!

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If you enjoy funny bedtime stories then you’ve found just the perfect one! It’s about a dog named Rawr and his adventure to fulfill his dream with his friend Gizmo the cat. Read on to find out about Rawr’s dream!

Rawr woke up in the middle of the night in his doghouse. All the lights were off and he had a dream— a very fun dream! 

Rawr wanted to share his dream with his master Matt but the humans were fast asleep at this time. He went upstairs to their room to talk to Gizmo the cat. Gizmo got to sleep with master Matt because she scratched the carpet if he didn’t let her in. “I wish I was bad to get good things too”, thought Rawr on his way up. 

“Gizmo! Rrrrrrrrr” 



Gizmo woke up, startled. “I have to tell you about my DREAM!”, said Rawr. 

“At this time? Go away from here or Matt will wake up!” replied Gizmo.

“Then I’ll tell him about the dream too!” barked Rawr, happily, to which Gizmo replied, “SHHHHH!, okay okay I’m coming”, and both of them stumbled downstairs to continue the discussion.

“I saw a big cat like you, only hairier. I saw a big, very big gray dog like me, but with a funny long nose. They were just like what master Matt was looking at when the black screen lights up!” explained Rawr in excitement.

“Ugh, you mean you saw a lion and an elephant like Matt sees on the TV, so you saw the jungle?”

“Yes, oh you’re so smart, yes! There were also others like us, some with funny necks and some with funny mouths. Everyone was together and there were humans like master Matt too!” 

“Wait a minute— that can’t be a jungle. It was a zoo. Were all these funny animals in cages?”

“Yes! in their big big homes, so much bigger than my doghouse.”

“It was a zoo then.” said Gizmo and decided to head back up, unimpressed by the dream. Rawr then told her that he wants to go to the zoo. Gizmo said that’s not possible. It’s on the TV and they couldn’t go in the TV, Gizmo explained how she had tried to go inside the screen many times before when seeing fish but the TV is a door that just doesn’t open. Gizmo became sad hearing this, and went back to sleep in hopes of continuing the dream. 

funny bedtime stories
funny bedtime stories

Some weeks went by, and one day when master Matt took Rawr out in the shiny car then to the PetsMart for some new clothes, Rawr saw the zoo on the way! He barked and barked and barked in the car but master Matt, like always, did not understand a word he said and continued driving after giving Rawr a special treat to calm him down, which worked since it smelled so good!

On reaching home, Rawr told Gizmo how they can visit the TV Zoo! Gizmo was also a little excited now at the idea of seeing her extended family and cousins, so she made a plan and told Rawr exactly what he had to do. They decided that they would bring the plan to action when Matt takes Rawr out for an afternoon walk next, which was always on the days when he didn’t go out to work.

Sunday rolled around and Gizmo got set to bring the plan into action. She began by scratching at the window. 

“Oh you want to go outside today gizzzzyy grizzly gizzy” said Matt picking up Gizmo and putting her in her cat bag.

“NOW!” said Gizmo as the net of the bag closed on her. 

This was Rawr’s cue to bring his leash to master Matt to let him know he was ready for his walk. 

“Things are working out real well, huh? You both want to go out at the same time today? Let’s go then” said Matt wearing his running shoes. 

When they were on their regular route, Rawr did not stop anywhere. He knew if he didn’t stop to poop then master Matt would take the longer route to make sure that Rawr pooped. Before reaching the road where they would turn back towards the house, Rawr jerked his leash off of master Matt’s hand and ran as fast as he could towards where the zoo was. 

“Rawr! Rawr stop!” panted Matt as he ran behind Rawr for one block until he stopped in front of the zoo. 

Now it was Gizmo’s turn to start purring and when Matt let her out of her bag, she stood beside Rawr, waiting for Matt to go in so they could follow him. Matt stood in confusion for a while and Rawr barked near the gate and Gizmo scratched it and then it hit Matt that they wanted to visit the zoo, so inside they went. The plan was successful! 

Rawr had the best time meeting all the animals and Gizmo enjoyed the day out too. Even master Matt needed to have a fun time before getting back to work on the next day. Rawr’s dream came true! 

This marks the end of another story from our “funny bedtime stories” chapter!

“Dreams Come True” has been written by Komal Yadav from India. She enjoys making conversation and telling tales of many lives (sometimes based on her own adventures too!)

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