Five Minute Bedtime Stories

Five Minute Bedtime Stories: The Secret Room

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Emily always dreamed of living a life similar to those that existed in the five minutes bedtime stories; those that her mother read to her every day. 

They would have a cup of hot cocoa ready and waiting for them at Emily’s nightstand; next to them would be the new story for the day. It was always a fantasy story or a story in a different world and a different place.

Emily loveeeed this kind of stories because the idea of living in another world and another place was very fascinating to her; the idea of trying and taking part in an adventure, controlled Emily’s mind. 

The sad thing was that Emily didn’t know where she could find an adventure suitable for her. 

She didn’t have a magical wand, a fairy godmother; she didn’t even have an old toy that would snatch her from thin air and put her in a magical land. 

Emily knew that she didn’t have any of the elements that the heroes in her stories had and that made her sad; at the end of the day, Emily was just a regular girl living with a regular family.

Her desire to live in an adventure made her fall victim to any new advertisement about kids’ food; especially the ones that used words like “magical” or “out of this world.” She would insist and resist taking no for an answer when she asked her parents to buy them for her.

These products never worked and Emily never stopped having hope that one day they would.

So, Emily was still very much hopeful about living her own adventure and sharing her story with her family; that was her favorite part about that dream of hers because she wanted to have a book written about her.

Emily promised herself that if she had a book written about her and about her future, hopefully soon-to-happen, adventure, she would insist that her mom read it to her; to have her adventure retold in her mom’s voice was another reason that made Emily desperate to experience having an adventure.

She didn’t share that dream with anyone because in all the books she read, those adventures happened in secret; and Emily wanted to be like these books; she wanted to be like them because maybe it was part of a secret law that they keep their adventure a secret. 

Emily wasn’t going to risk losing the chance to be invited to any adventure; to make sure that this wouldn’t happen, Emily came up with rules that could exist if there was a council for adventures. Each new rule Emily thought that it might exist, she made sure to follow it.

So she didn’t tell anyone about her secret dream. She also didn’t tell them about how she was more than prepared to face any adventure; Unbeknown to anyone, Emily had a little notebook where she wrote all the tips she gathered from the stories she read. 

Even though Emily wanted her adventure to be completely different from the ones she read about, she still gathered those tips; “I can never be sure,” she would whisper to herself whenever her doubt made her overthink her decision so far.

“Am I doing something wrong?” Emily whispered that to herself every day before closing her eyes and saying “good night, mommy.” It was taking way too long for her adventure to become a reality and Emily’s hope was starting to waver. 

It started to weaken to the point where one day she told her mother not to read her anything; she even ignored the concerned look her mom had. She did that because she was sad and also mad, but she promised herself that she would assure her mom tomorrow.

Five Minute Bedtime Stories
Five Minute Bedtime Stories

But tomorrow didn’t seem that it will come anytime soon because Emily couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t even close her eyes for five minutes.

Emily couldn’t sleep because she didn’t read any new adventure story; that made her sit up in her bed. Emily got out of it and with quiet steps, she took the new book off the shelves. Then she got back to her bed.

The book was titled “The Secret Room;” Emily didn’t know if she was excited to read it because of its name or because she couldn’t sleep. Either way, that didn’t stop her from reading it.

It was about a boy telling what he remembered from an adventure he had; that was an ordinary part that Emily read in almost all her stories. What wasn’t ordinary was that the story had steps in it.

It had steps that Emily could follow and have her own adventure.

Emily read the same steps over and over until she almost memorized them; she then headed toward the door of her closet. Emily stood there and started whispering the steps slowly but confidently. 

How to have an adventure:

  • Put your hand on the closet’s door.
  • Rub the door slowly then knock three times.
  • Whisper “I’m ready” and believe that a magical thing will happen.
  • Open the door and start your adventure.

Emily read the step while doing it until she was at the last one; taking a deep breath, Emily opened the door and she couldn’t believe it.

Emily couldn’t believe it because the room sucked her inside the closet; she was in a different world.

“Wow.” She whispered to herself as she watched the room’s color change. Emily realized that the colors changed according to her imagination. For example, she thought about forests and the room turned green. 

She kept thinking of different colors and the color kept changing; what made it even more fantastic was that she could imagine places.

Emily imagined Egypt and soon enough, the room had mini pyramids inside it. Her excitement made her think of many places all at once; that made the room be filled with things from all over the world. 

What surprised Emily even more was that anything she touched, she could feel; she touched the mini pyramids and she felt them. She touched the Eiffel tower and she felt it. 

When Emily tried to touch the walls, her hands passed through it.

“Wow.” She whispered amazed at the possibility of what was behind the walls. Before she could walk in and find out, she was forced back inside her room.

Emily was going to whine “whyyyy” out loud but she heard her mother coming. 

At that moment, Emily remembered the events and rules of the book.

If anyone is close then our adventure ends.

Her mother was close and that was why her adventure ended!! But that didn’t make Emily feel sad.

It didn’t make her feel sad because there was tomorrow; she could start a new adventure tomorrow.

After all, there is nothing wrong with being patient. 

The secret room could wait till tomorrow, and our five minute bedtime stories will have a new adventure.

This story has been written by Salma Ahmed a 20 years old writer by night and a college student by day

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