five minute bedtime stories

Five minute bedtime stories: The Poppy Mystery

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Today’s story is inspired by remembrance day and it is one of many five minute bedtime stories. Shall we get started?

Duncan and his friends were part of a mystery club. Every week they would solve different mysteries around their sleepy little town of Remembrance. Over time they had built themselves quite the reputation from solving any case that would come their way. There was the case of the missing cookies which only took a day and a lot of traps to solve. Mrs Jenkins bakes a fresh batch of cookies every day and leaves them on her windowsill to cool down. Whenever she would go to get them they were gone. Nothing was left behind but the plate; even the crumbs had vanished. Duncan and his friends discovered that it was the twins next door. They were sneaking through a hole in their fence and stealing Mrs Jenkins cookies.

There was also the case of the doppelganger cats. Miss Rose had the sweetest ginger cat around but one day Miss Rose began to see double and then triple. Was it a doppelganger or were they clones? It turned out that her cat used to be a stray. It was simply wandering off every night and bringing back it’s family hoping to share some food. Miss Rose has a pretty big house so she kindly took them in and her cat never wandered off again. 

This latest case had the mystery club puzzled however. There is a large field that is usually packed with flowers. Lately, however, the flowers have been planted in a very strange way. No one could figure out why. Mr Oakly was usually in charge of the plants but his back was giving him trouble. His son Owen had decided to take over for a while. This was to help him to learn the family business. He had planted poppies in the field but not in neat little rows. Instead he planted them in a rather peculiar way.

five minute bedtime stories
five minute bedtime stories

Who to suspect?

Duncan and his friends were going to get to the bottom of this! The first step was to question the suspect who in this case was Owen.

“Hello sir, we are the mystery club and I would like to ask you some questions about your recent work?” Duncan asked.

“Did aliens make you do it?” Cassie replied.

“Leave the questioning to me Cassie.” Duncan said.

“The way forward is to look back.” Owen said. “That is why I did it.”

“Sounds like aliens to me!!” Cassie remarked.

Owen led Duncan and his friends to a small hut. This was where he kept his gardening supplies and showed them a book. Looking inside, Duncan could see some old pictures and newspaper clippings. He also saw boxes filled with books inside. Duncan and his friends had never seen anything like it but they still didn’t understand what it meant. When asked about the tragic events of the past Duncan had recalled learning a bit in school. He was still confused however, so Owen told the mystery club to stand at the top of the hill. It was to be at exactly noon on a day with no clouds and they would have their answer. 

After double checking the weather forecast the next day and beaming with joy the mystery club packed a picnic and sat at the the top of the hill and waited excitedly imagining what they were waiting for. As noon came, the sun was at its highest point in the sky and beamed down upon the poppies casting a rather unusual shadow on the bottom of the hill.

“It looks like a person.” Cassie said.

“Why would Owen plant poppies to cast a human shaped shadow?” Duncan asked.

“So that we never forget those who came before us.” Owen replied, approaching from behind. “You may be too young to know this but today is about honouring those who came before us and never forgetting.”

Duncan went to ask Owen what it was they had to remember. Owen told him a story about his own grandfather who a long time ago fought in a terrible battle to save his country. It was long and people were lost but that story had been passed down to his father and to him. Duncan understood why it all meant so much to Owen and he began to realise that their lives should be remembered because no one would be alive now if it wasn’t for them.

Duncan and his mystery club split up to gather the town at the park. It may be too late for them to see the meaning of the poppies so Cassie took pictures but Duncan wanted the whole town to see his newest solved mystery. As the town gathered and saw the pictures they knew they should have been doing more and even the mayor himself gave the mystery club medals for solving a mystery that would unearth the past.

From that day on the mayor declared that the 11th November would be a day of celebration to honour those that gave their lives for us all those years ago. Owen walked up to give a speech on what inspired him to grow the poppies in such a way he told the story that was passed down in his family inspiring others to do the same. As he ended his speech he simply said:

“They are our past but we are their future!!”

This “five minute bedtime stories” was written by Emma, a Bedtime Stories for Kids contributor.

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