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Riva Helps The Candy Castle Ninja’s 🥷, Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Dream Away – Bedtime Stories For Kids

Riva is sitting at home in Aldie, Virginia. She is looking outside the window and trying to count all the cars that drive by in the street. She is counting car number 8, number 9 when she stops at car number 10.

Car number 10 stands out. It is a bright pink minivan with blue sparkles. The car pulls into the street and stops. It stops right in front of Riva’s house. What’s going on? Riva thinks to herself… when not 1, not 2 not 3.. but ninja’s come out of the van and they are slowly making their way to Riva’s front door…..

Mooooooom, There are ninjas outside…… – Riva yells when the doorbell rings and Riva opens the door…..

Riva opens the front door and in front of her stands a real-life ninja….: Hi, you must be Riva? My name is Pink Ninja. I can see that – Riva says, as Pink Ninja is dressed completely in Pink. And these are my fellow Ninjas: Blue Ninja, Purple Ninja, and Orange Ninja…..

Riva, we need your help. The Princess living inside the Candy Castle has locked herself into the candy room and has lost the key to get out. The spare key is protected by a dinosaur and we need your help to distract the dinosaur so that we can get the key and free the princess…

Will you help us Riva? Please? – Purple Ninja says…..

Ok, I will help you! Riva says….and Riva hops in the Ninja Van together with Pink, Blue, Purple, and Orange Ninja…. as they drive towards the Candy Castle.

The candy castle is the most amazing castle ever. It is huge, it has all sorts of magical colors and on the inside, everything is made out of candy. Literally everything. 

Just as the ninja van arrives at the candy castle the van turn left… Wait? Riva says. We aren’t going to the castle? To which Orange Ninja says: All spare keys to the castle are protected by Don the Dino and he lives not in the castle but in Dino Land!

And about 10 minutes later Riva and the Ninja Van filled with Ninjas arrive at Dino Land where they can see Don the Dino in the distance.

How do we get the spare key? Riva Asks…. Here is the plan….. Purple Ninja says… if you go and talk to Don the Dino and distract him then we will do what ninjas do and become invisible and find and take the spare key to free the princess in the candy castle….

So Riva takes a deep breath and walks towards Don the Dino…

Hey Don, she says…. what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream.. and Don the Dino turns around, and with a big smile on his face he replies: Hey Riva,  hmmm I guess it would have to be Caramel, Kiwi, Banana Fried Chicken flavor…

Caramel, Kiki, Banana, Fried Chicken Flavor – what kind of ice cream flavor is that? I’ve never heard that one before.. and Riva and Don the Dino just start laughing…

Would you like to try it? Don the Dino says…. hmm ok I guess so, Riva says and as Don the Dino makes his way to the fridge in his Dino house the Ninjas strike… it only takes 5 seconds for them to go in & out and grab the spare key when at that moment Don the Dino returns with a Caramel, Kiwi, Banana Fried Chicken icecream….. – Riva tries and says… euw nooooooo, this is not for me….

And she says goodbye to Don the Dino, makes her way to the Ninja van and off they drive back to the Candy Castle!

That was a super-smart distraction – Pink Ninja says and once arrived at the castle they run inside and climb the 999 stairs to the room where the princess has been locked inside

Riva takes the key, turns it and the door unlocks…., Riva opens the door and there the princess awaits. 

Riva, you are my hero! Thank you for you saving me….. , Oh it wasnt me it was the ninja….when Riva turns around wanting to thank the Ninja’s but there is nobody there… all the ninja’s had disappeared… just as ninja’s do…

Riva, Princess says, let me thank you…. I will give you a 1 year supply of your favorite Candy delivered straight to your house tomorrow.

And so the next day Riva sits in her living room looking at the cars that drive into her street when a bright pink and sparkly van pulls into the drive way. Out comes a delivery man, dressed in pink and starts to unload boxes and boxes of candy…. hmmmm this seems familiar Riva thinks to herself… as she opens the door and starts eating her favorite candy!

Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids
Dream Away Stories – Bedtime Stories For Kids

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