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Colters Real Life Hotwheels Car ?️ | A Sleep Story For You #20

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Colter loves playing with his Hotwheels. Today is no different but after playing for a while he goes down to the kitchen and he asks his mom what he should do:

His mom suggested he should create a drawing of his dream Hotwheels car and thus he spends the rest of the afternoon creating a drawing of a unique Hotwheels car.

That evening Colter goes to bed when as he falls asleep he can hear a race car racing through his street so he jumps out of bed to try and see if he can spot this car!

As the car races past his house he cannot believe his eyes? Did his dream Hotwheels car just drive by his house? How can that be?

When at that moment his mom calls his name and he has to jump straight into bed…. 

Want to know more? Then listen to today’s adventure of Bedtime Stories For Kids!

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