christmas bedtime stories

Christmas Bedtime Stories: Rudolph and The Robin That Saved Christmas

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Welcome to the story of Rudolph and The Robin That Saved Christmas: Christmas Bedtime Stories’ In this story, you will meet Robin and Rudolph and go on an adventure with them. So, sit back and enjoy.

You all know Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. But do you recall, the most well-known reindeer of all? Rudolph was a red nosed reindeer, but he did not understand why his nose was different to the other reindeer. Santa used to tell him how special he was, but Rudolph thought everybody was special, so he did not understand what Santa meant back then.

One day, Rudolph was playing outside with Vixen, she was a close friend of Rudolph’s. Rudolph didn’t really connect with many of the other reindeer, so when Vixen told him that she also loved to discover new things outside, Rudolph and Vixen became best friends.

You see, all of the other reindeer didn’t like to wander and discover new things outside, they much preferred to graze by their barn and play inside.

“It’s much warmer inside” Comet would always say.

“I prefer to stay by Santa, in case he needs us” Prancer would often add.

Rudolph loved to play inside too and he loved to stay close to Santa. But he loved exploring and when he learned that Vixen enjoyed playing outside too, he loved it even more.

So, one day, after reading some Christmas Bedtime Stories with Vixen in the barn, Rudolph jumped up to go on a night adventure. He never wandered too far but he loved the smell of the night and the beautiful night sky in the North Pole. Just as Rudolph went to ask Vixen to join him, he noticed she had fallen asleep. So, Rudolph set out on his own.

christmas bedtime stories
christmas bedtime stories

Now it’s important to remember that Rudolph is young and adventurous and although he is the smallest of all the reindeer, he also has the biggest heart. So, he set off under the green lit sky, to discover a new adventure. But he was certain he would be back before midnight because tonight was an extra special night. It was Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve was important to Rudolph, especially this one, he was told by Santa this year he would be leading the front of the line. Santa told Rudolph; it was because his nose would shine brightly. This confused Rudolph, his nose had never been bright, just red… very, very red.

So off Rudolph went, leaping in the snow and sniffing every snow-covered flower, and ice-covered leaf. After a few minutes of wandering in the snow, Rudolph saw a pretty little bird. She was small and round, with brown wings, white legs and a red belly. He had never seen a bird so beautiful before and he suddenly stopped to look at her. The bird saw Rudolph looking and turned to fly away. Without thinking, Rudolph started following the little bird.

After 10 minutes of jumping through the snow and passing trees that Rudolph didn’t recognise, he suddenly looked around and realised he was a little lost. To make matters worse, he had now lost sight of the bird.

“Oh no” Rudolph said to himself, “How do I get home now?”

Just then, out of the white winter trees, the bird appeared and landed on the end of Rudolph’s nose.

“Hello, my name is Robin the Robin. I am originally from great Britian, but I flew all the way here to see you”.

“To see me” Said Rudolph, “But why me?” He said looking confused.

“I wanted to see your glowing nose in person.” Said Robin, “I’ve heard lots of Christmas Bedtime Stories about how it glows, and rumour has it, this year you’re going to be leading Santa around the world”

Rudolph was now very confused; he had never seen his nose glow and he didn’t understand why this little bird thought it could too. 

“My nose doesn’t glow” said Rudolph “At least, I do not think it does. I have never seen it glow”.

“Really?” Replied the Robin, “But I have heard the tales, they must be true.”

“Unfortunately, not” said Rudolph, as he hung his head, a little upset and a little embarrassed.

“Well, I believe you will soon see that it does Rudolph and tonight is that night, I am sure of it,” said Robin.

Before Rudolph had chance to respond, Robin the Robin flew off and left Rudolph in the middle of the white, sparkling trees and under the green lit North Pole sky.

“Wait!” Shouted Rudolph, but Robin had gone.

Rudolph began to tremble, not because he was cold but because he was scared. He was lost and he had forgotten how to get home. Rudolph began to think about all of those children that would be without presents if he couldn’t get home in time to lead the sleigh, and home to Santa to deliver their presents. He began to remember what Santa had said about him being special and he began to believe that maybe Robin was right about the Christmas Bedtime Stories she had heard from Britain.

After what seemed like hours of thinking about all of the children and Santa and even how Vixen would be wondering where he had gone, Rudolph’s nose began to glow.

“What!” Rudolph said out loud to himself, “How?”

Just then, Robin the Robin appeared at the end of Rudolph’s nose again. This time, her underbelly that was already red, was also glowing red because of the glow from Rudolph’s nose.

“See, I told you tonight would be the night you would find out,” said Robin.

“But why is it glowing red?” Said Rudolph.

“Did you notice that your nose began to glow red when you were selflessly thinking of other people Rudolph?” Said Robin.

Rudolph thought about it for a second and realised that he had been thinking about Santa, Vixen and all the other children that could go without presents, when his nose began to glow.

“Well yes, I was thinking about disappointing my friend and Santa and all the children that would be wondering where I was, or where their presents were if I couldn’t return home.” Said Rudolph.

“Exactly.” Said Robin. “You were more concerned with others than yourself, that is where your glow comes from Rudolph.” Robin continued, “The glow from your nose is just an extension of the warm glow from your heart, you may be small Rudolph, but you have a big, warm heart and you feel so much empathy for other people, that you often forget about yourself.”

Rudolph’s cheeks began to match his nose, as they started to go red. He was a little bashful, but he felt proud to hear such nice things about himself. And now, he understood why Santa wanted him to guide the sleigh.

“So, my red glowing nose will light up the night sky and lead the way?” Asked Rudolph.

“That’s right.” Replied Robin. “You are a very special reindeer because of your very special heart.”

“Thank you so much for saying that.” Said Rudolph, “But unfortunately, I still can’t remember how to get home and the brightest star is nearly right at the top of the sky, which means it’s nearly midnight.”

“Follow me,” Said Robin.

So, Rudolph did just that. He couldn’t wait to get back to Vixen and tell her his own story, that could potentially be part of future Christmas Bedtime Stories. Rudolph would tell Vixen all about meeting Robin the Robin and about how she told him how special his nose was. He also couldn’t wait to see Santa, to lead the sleigh and to tell him how he finally understood how special his nose was.

“Here we are,” said Robin. “Just in time it seems.”

“Thank you so much.” Said Rudolph. 

Before Rudolph could say anymore, Robin the Robin flew away, into the green lit sky. What a wonderful mini adventure he had, what a lovely bird he had met and what a lovely friend he had made.

Suddenly, Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, all ran out from behind the Shed.

“Rudolph!” Shouted Dasher.

“We have been looking for you.” Added Blitzen.

“We thought you had got lost,” said Prancer.

“Not me,” said a voice from behind Santa’s cabin. 

Rudolph recognised that voice anywhere; it was Vixen, slowly walking out with Santa.

“We knew you would find your way back soon, a little birdy told us so.” Said Santa.

The other reindeer looked confused but soon became more confused as Rudolph’s nose again began to glow. 

“Wow!” Said Cupid in a loud and shocked voice. “Your nose is so bright and pretty, is this why Santa said you would be leading us tonight?”

Before Rudolph had a chance to answer, Santa stepped in.

“You are all my special reindeer, my friends and my family.” Santa continued, “You will all get a chance to lead but tonight, Rudolph will use his special glow to lead the way.”

Rudolph’s cheeks began to go red again, but he didn’t care, he was just happy to be home. He was happy to be able to lead the sleigh and deliver all the gifts to the good girls and boys this Christmas. With that, the clock struck midnight and the reindeer began to go on their way, with Rudolph at the front, his nose glowing as bright as his heart.

He was grateful to have such a loving family, he was grateful to have such a great job and was even more grateful to Robin; The Robin that saved Christmas.

Did you enjoy one of many Christmas Bedtime Stories? I hope you did, and I hope you enjoy your very special Christmas. Remember, it’s better to be a good person and have a warm glowing heart; just like Rudolph, than to have a cold heart and only think of yourself. 

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Written By Kayleigh Taylor, a Dream Away stories contributor.

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