christmas bedtime stories

Christmas Bedtime Stories: A Christmas Tale with Pupkin and Cubcake

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It’s Christmas tomorrow! So here’s another one of our Christmas bedtime stories to get you into the Christmas spirit! Do you enjoy Christmas bedtime stories? Pupkin and Cubcake certainly do! So why don’t you come along and listen to one with them? Also, in case you missed the last adventure of Pupkin and Cubcake, you can read it right here

The Puppy and Lion family were all together at the Puppy household. Everyone was in the living room. They were all talking, laughing, eating (Cubcake’s mother made the best pudding!), and just having a fun time by enjoying each other’s company. Pupkin’s father clapped his paws together, alerting everyone’s attention towards him. 

“Now, that we have all gotten our bellies filled with yummy food. How about we all cosy up together and listen to a lovely Christmas story?” 

All of the kids started squealing in delight at this, some of them even got up and started jumping up and down! The parents smiled at their kids’ eagerness and excitement. They all love their stories, especially Pupbutter. His snout was always pressed up against a book. 

“Settle down all of you!” Cubcake’s father said, laughing. “Let’s all be quiet so we can hear the story together.”

All seven kids sat down around the four adults, forming a small, tight and intimate circle. Some sat on pillows, while others clutched onto their favourite stuffed animal. Pupberry had a plate of gingerbread cookies and a glass of milk beside her, ready to snack on them during the storytelling. Pupkin and Cubcake shared a thick and soft blanket together. Draping it over both of their backs, they cuddled close and grinned at one another. 

“My dad tells the best stories!” Pupkin said to Cubcake, his grin widening.

“My dad does too but me and Cubsyrup have heard them so many times already so it’ll be cool to hear a different one today!”

“Every Christmas Eve, angels are born,” Pupkin’s Father began. “But they are all born without their wings.” 

“That’s terrible!” 

“Why ever not? Aren’t angels all supposed to have wings?”

“Please be quiet and no questions! They will all be answered once I keep telling the story.”

christmas bedtime stories
christmas bedtime stories

The Pupkin family and the Cubcake family were all transported into the Christmas tale that Pupkin’s father was creating and weaving with his words. They were lured in by his soothing and calming voice, it was almost like they were right there with all the angels without the wings. 

Every Christmas Eve, many angels are bought into this world but without their wings. The reason for this is because they didn’t deserve to have them yet, not until they perform a good deed out of the kindness of their hearts to another angel. Once the kind deed is done, they will be given a pair of their own wings. 

Many angels flocked to accomplish this task. Some of the angels helped their parents with chores, while others decided to show kindness to a friend or stranger. Soon, all of them had a pair of their own wings. They flew, swooped, and cut through the sky, laughing and giggling merrily along the way. Except for one lone angel, who watched them from the ground, a disdain and fed up look on his face. His name was Pupheart, a grumpy little puppy. Once the other angels had landed back onto the ground, he would pull at their ears, fur, tails, and wings. They cried out in pain, screaming that at this rate Pupheart would never get his own wings if he kept treating them so cruelly.

“I don’t care!” Pupheart screamed back. “They look stupid! Why do we even need wings? We already have legs, we should just all walk instead.” 

The angels stuck their nose up into the air, and all flew away from him. Pupheart picked up many rocks, and started throwing them towards the fleeing angels. Many of the rocks connected with the angels’ wings, yelps of pain and anger could be heard. Much to Pupheart’s dismay, the rocks barely done any damage, so the angels were able to escape from him with only a few cuts and scrapes on their wings. Pupheart scowled even more at this, there was no way he could catch them now. He stuck his hands into his pockets, and sulkily walked all the way home. 

That night, Pupheart’s mother had fallen deathly ill. She was bedridden, and her son didn’t know what to do. Pupheart didn’t like many people, but he loved his mother dearly. The frightened pup ran outside of his house, trying to find anyone to help his mother. All the other angels ignored him, still holding resentment and feeling bitter for his past words and actions. 

On the verge of tears and ready to give up, Pupheart turned back to the direction of his house. He was walking with his head cast down, so he didn’t notice the looming angel in front of him until they both collided. Bam! Pupheart landed on his butt, the snow cushioning his fall. The angel extended a large and furry paw out to him. Pupheart glared at it, before reluctantly accepting the kind gesture from the stranger. 

“I’m sorry. I should have watched where I was going,” Pupheart muttered. “But sir! I need your help! You see, my mother is sick and I don’t know what to do! Please, I beg of you. I need your help.”

The stranger, Lionsoul inspected Pupheart and noticed that he didn’t have his wings yet. He asked Pupheart why this was the case, and Pupheart could feel anger bubbling inside him at this sudden question. His mother was dying! Didn’t this stranger hear him? He has no time to have a casual chat over why he didn’t have his dumb wings yet, and it wasn’t like he wanted a pair any way. 

“I don’t want wings.”

“Have you performed a good deed yet?”

“No,” Pupheart replied, glaring at the stranger. “Isn’t it obvious that I haven’t? I mean if I have, I would have my wings already!”

“Ah, but you see. I’m merely asking you this because if you had purposely chosen to be a mean child to the other angels then the higher beings would cast a nasty curse on the angel that’s most closest and beloved to them. So, I presume this is what had happened to your mother,” Lionsoul explained patiently. 

Pupheart gaped at him, shocked. He wasn’t aware that something that horrible could happen. 

“What can I do to save my mother? Please! She’s the only family I have left. I feel bad for what I done now. Maybe, I did it because the world and the animals living on it have never been kind to me, even before I was born and resurrected into an angel. But I guess, that isn’t a good enough excuse. Good sir, what can I do to wake my mother up?” Pupheart pleaded, his shiny eyes full of tears and remorse.

Lionsoul softened at the sight of this. He couldn’t stand seeing a child look so troubled and lost, he vowed to help in any way that he can. Lionsoul then produced a glass vial out of his pocket. He uncorked the screw on it, and caught a tiny wisp of a wind spirit before popping the screw back on. Lionsoul dropped the vial onto Pupheart’s small paws. 

“At exactly 12am on Christmas Day, release this wind onto your mother. Remember, you must do it at that time. I’m afraid that if you don’t, you’ll have to wait another year until you’ll be able to awake your mother from this deep slumber. My dear Pupheart, do not forget this.” 

When the clock struck 12am, Pupheart was already at his mother’s bedside. He clutched the vial against his chest, uncapping the screw and tipping the wind spirit across his mother’s sickly and frail body. Pupheart let out a cry of joy and relief when his mother’s eyes fluttered open. He engulfed his mother in a big and warm hug. Pupheart’s mother smiled at him, patting and rubbing his back.

“Oh my dear, your wings. They are so lovely,” His mother rasped out, her voice husky but filled with love and gentleness. 

Pupheart was confused at her words. But now that she had mentioned it, his back did feel rather heavy. He was quite unsure at first, but when he turned around, there were a beautiful pair of tiny, white wings sprouting out from his back! He gave his wings a timid and tentative flap. The wind that had just saved his mother moments before, brushed the soft feathers and he laughed out loud in absolute glee and delight. He had his own pair of wings! And he had his dear mother to thank for that.

Have you done anything nice to anyone recently? Whether it was to a family member, friend, teacher or to a stranger? If you have, maybe you already have a pair of your own pretty invisible wings! I hope you enjoyed tonight’s Christmas bedtime stories as much as Pupkin and Cubcake enjoyed it! (There may have been a few tears that were shed from the Puppy and Lion children. Shhh…. Don’t tell them that I told you that!) Christmas may be over soon but come again next year for more Christmas bedtime stories. See you for the next one! 

A Christmas Tale with Pupkin and Cubcake has been written by Tina Giang, a Dream Away stories contributor. 

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