christmas bedtime stories

Christmas Bedtime Stories: A Christmas Tail

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Tonight , we will be reading Christmas bedtime stories about a young boy and his furry friend!

It was Christmas Eve night. Everyone was gathered in the dimly lit living room, munching on festive  treats, and watching a Christmas film on the TV. The breezy snow outside was only visible through the glow of the roaring fire dad had made earlier. Everyone felt warm and cosy, with a hint of  excitement to see what Santa Claus would leave for them tonight. 

Charlie yawned, stretched out his hand and stroked Albert behind his fluffy long ears. Albert yawned too in contentment. Charlie curiously looked at Albert while petting him, wondering if he was excited for Christmas and presents from Santa Claus, or if he was just looking forward to getting some Christmas dinner! 

“Albert” Charlie said softly. 

Albert titled his head lovingly at him. 

“I wish you could tell me what you’re thinking. There is so much I want to know about you! If I could only have one thing for Christmas it would be that.”  

Albert readjusted himself, put his head on Charlie’s lap and let out a big sigh. Charlie sighed too and returned to watching the film, cuddled into Albert. 

The Christmas film had ended. Cookies and milk were left out for Santa Claus, and everyone was  rushing to bed in preparation for the big day ahead. Charlie fixed up Albert’s bed, tucked him in with  his favourite teddy (a small green squeaky dinosaur), kissed him goodnight on his forehead and then  went to bed too. 

Charlie struggled to sleep with excitement and so he tossed and turned for what felt like hours! When he  finally felt himself drifting off to sleep, he heard footsteps on his roof. Santa Claus was here! Charlie jumped out of bed and then tip toed as quiet as a mouse down the stairs. Peeping through the keyhole of  the living room door, Charlie could see a big white bearded man in a red suit eating all the cookies  left out for him. Unable to contain his excitement, however, Charlie burst through the door startling Santa  Claus! 

christmas bedtime stories
christmas bedtime stories

“Santa, Santa! I can’t believe it’s you!” exclaimed Charlie. 

“Ho ho ho! Well, who else would be leaving you presents and eating these delicious cookies?”  laughed Santa as he brushed cookie crumbs from his suit. 

Charlie glanced around the living room now filled to the brim with presents for him and his family.  He also noticed Albert’s stocking was overflowing with doggy toys and treats too!  

“Charlie, I may have overheard you make one last Christmas wish last night.” Explained Santa Claus. Charlie turned to look at the giant man in red curiously. 

“I did Santa! I wished Albert could speak to me and tell me what he’s thinking. All I want is to talk to  Albert and him talk to me!” Cried out Charlie. 

Santa Claus crouched down to Charlie’s level putting a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Christmas miracles do happen.” Smiled Santa Claus before getting up and making his way to the  bottom of the fireplace. 

“Merry Christmas Charlie!” Waved Santa Claus as he effortlessly disappeared up the chimney.  

Charlie ran to the living room window looking up at the frosty night sky only illuminated by Santa  Claus’s sleigh before heading back up to bed. 

Charlie woke up to his siblings cheering while running down the stairs to see what Santa Claus had  left them. He could smell breakfast cooking, and Christmas music playing from the radio, while  hearing his family chattering. Before jumping out of bed to join them, Charlie sat up and remembered what happened only a few hours ago, wondering if it was real or just a dream. 

“Charlie! Charlie!” cried out his siblings. 

“Mum won’t let us open our presents till you come down!”  

On that note Charlie rushed out of bed putting on his slippers and dressing gown before joining his  family.  

“Good morning sleepy head.” Laughed Charlie’s mum as she gave him a big hug and kiss. “Look at all the presents Santa Claus left you!” Cheered Charlie’s dad, patting his messy bed hair. 

Charlie looked around the living room in amazement at all the presents for him and his family. His siblings were eagerly waiting to open there’s now that Charlie was here, and with permission from  their mum they began to excitedly open them. 

Charlie sat down in between his siblings, deciding what present to open first, when he noticed some  white fluff that was stuck on the chimney breast. Charlie then immediately sprang up remembering his  Christmas wish. 

“Mum, where is Albert!?” Exclaimed Charlie. 

“Albert is eating his breakfast. Why don’t you open some of your presents first? He’ll come in when  he’s done” Smiled Charlie’s mum.  

Charlie ignored his mum and instead leaving his presents behind he ran into the kitchen to see Albert. “Albert!” Charlie rushed towards his furry friend and crouched down on the floor to hug him. Charlie stroked Albert’s fluffy head staring hopefully into his eyes for his wish to come true. “Merry Christmas Charlie” Albert said in a gentle little voice. 

And that concludes our Christmas bedtime stories for today!

This story was written by Hayley, a Dream Away stories contributor.

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