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Casper & Mooney visit a retirement home for horses 🐴 | Bedtime Stories For Kids Podcast

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Welcome to bedtime stories for kids. My name is Mike and I’m super excited that you’re joining me today. Are you ready for today’s adventure? And today we have a story for Casper and Mooney who are living in St. Louis. Now, if you want me to create a story does for you then simply ask any grownup to get in touch.

Speaking of grownups hate grownups, did you note at the very best way to support this podcast is to leave a review, share these episodes with all your friends and your family. And if you want to know more, you can always visit the web. Bedtime stories for Now, if you’re ready for today’s adventure, then I’m ready as well.

Casper Mooney. I hope that you’re already as well. Can we all raise our left foot and our left arm as high into the sky as weekend countdown with me? 4 3, 2, 1 Lipscomb.

Today is an exciting day for Gaspar and Rooney together with their family. They’re going to visit a retirement home, but not a normal retirement home. No. Oh, does this eight super special retirement home? This retirement home is not for people. No, but it is for one very specific type of animals. It is a retirement home for horses, and this is the place where horses go when they’re old and here they have lots of space and they get the best food ever.

There’s always people around to take care of them in the very best way. And Casper and Mooney. They love horses and getting to spend an entire day with horses is like the best day ever. So when the alarm bell rings at six o’clock in the morning, they already wired. Ready to go. Mom, dad, wake up. It’s time to go so quick guys.

We have to get ready first and about 30 minutes later, the entire family is ready to go. We go Casper. Yeah. And the drive takes around two hours. And during the entire drive, the family is listening to some of their favorite stories from bedtime stories. For kids, they’re listening to Alex climbs chocolate mountain.

Then they also decide to listen to Alex flies, a hot air balloon and timed his flights when they’re having fun. And soon enough on the road signs start to appear the first sign reads retirement home for horses this way. When a few moments later, another sign appears that reads. We welcome Casper and Mooney this way.

Oh wow. Mama Lexa says they must have known that were visiting today. It’s about a 15 minute drive before they arrive at the retirement home for horses. This place is awesome. Casper says because everywhere they look, there are horses. I count at least 20 tool ready. There are big horses, small horses, black horses, brown horses, white horses, oil.

And greeting the family is Mr. H welcome family. My name is Mr. H and today you get to meet three of our horses and you get to have three different types of activities. Are you excited? Yes, Gaspar and Mooney yell. Amazing. Please follow me. I’d love for you to meet someone. And the femini follows Mr. H and they walk through the stables, filled with horses, where they stop in front of stable numbers.

Seven. Casper Mooney. I’d like for you to meet two of our ponies, their names are Mrs. Christmas and Mr. Day Christmas day. Cause for sad, laughing, why are they called? Like that funny? You should ask says Mr. Age, because they were born on Christmas day and this way we will never, ever forget. And for the next hour, Casper and Moni gets at meet and play with Mrs.

Christmas and Mr. Day, they feed them. They brushed them. They give them fresh water. They give them lots and lots and lots and lots of love when Mr. H returns and says, who wants to go riding? I do. Moni says amazing. Please follow. And they walk outside to a field where a big horse awaits. I would like for you to meet Henry Henry has spent all of his life on the farm, close by where a family took great care of him today.

Henry gets to stay with us and he gets to relax and he gets to hang out. And every day at three. We take Henry for his daily walk. When Casper looks at his watch and thinks, oh, it’s 3:00 PM lane. No. Yes. So why don’t you hop on his back and I will take you all for a walk and Mr. H helps Casper and Mooney as they sit on Henry’s back.

Oh, whoa. This is Mooney. This is super high because Henry is quite a big horse. Hold on. Mr. H says, as they start the afternoon. That takes them through all the nearby fields who we can see everything from here. Casper yells. I love Henry Mooney says he is the best horse ever. And the walk takes around 45 minutes.

And after that, they returned to the retirement home for horses. And Mr. H says, I ready for one more activity. Yes, please. So following. They follow Mr. Age through the barn and the stables back into the main house where they end up in the kitchen. We are going to prepare a meal for one of the oldest horses that we have.

Her name is funnier and she is 27 years old. Oh, that’s not so old. Casper says, well, yes, that’s 27 human needs. But in horse years, that is already 78 years old. And because funny, Ella is very old vanilla gets to eat her favorite food every single day. Imagine if you could eat your favorite food every single day, how would that make you feel?

So, what is her favorite food Mooney. S well, vanilla’s favorite food is a few things mixed together. Mr. H says, we start with, Hey, and then we add vanilla, and then we add cupcakes. And on top of that, we add vanilla pudding. Would you like to try a vanilla cupcake? Yes. Casper and Mooney, both say I never knew horses eat vanilla cupcakes and pudding.

Well, usually they don’t says Mr. Eight, but vanilla is special. So she deserves it. And with the tummies filled with fun Nayla cupcakes, Casper, and Moony prepare the food for. When shortly after the afternoon has passed and it’s time to go back home. And so they jumped back into the car, say goodbye to Mrs.

Christmas and Mr. Day wave goodbye to Henry the horse and in the distance, they can see vanilla enjoying her early dinner. The family drives off. And of course they listen again to bedtime stories for kids in the car and Casper and Mooney follows. As I think about the amazing data that they had with favorite animal and both of them start to dream about owning their very own horse one day.

And with that, I’m going to end today’s episode. Please do share it with all your friends and your family. I hope you’ll have fun. Join me in the next adventure. And if you want me to create a story just for you, then simply ask any grownup to get in touch. I cannot wait to create. It does for you. So with that being said, I wish you a good night.

I wish you sweet dreams, if you are not yet going to sleep. I wish you an amazing day and I will see you in the next adventure.

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