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Ernie and the Sand Mummy, a best bedtime stories

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Are you looking for a best bedtime stories adventure? Then look no further we will jump straight into today’s bedtime stories for kids adventure:

In the backyard of 9 Maple Lane, it was quiet. 

Someone was digging in the rose garden.  That someone had dug a U shaped trench.  He was now covered in dirt and singing off key to himself:  “I’m gonna be an arrgee-OL-O-gist ‘cause they’re the craabbb-BEE-ist!”  Crabby, crabby, crabby claws, crabby, crabby, crab-BEEEEE claws!”

Then a spade of dirt split the air from a hole in the ground.  It was followed by rocks, two worms, and a can. 

If you scraped off the layers of grime, you’d find five year old Ernie in a striped shirt and blue trousers.  Ernie was a very good digger and had dug the trench all by himself.  He was practicing to be like his favorite uncle, who was studying in college to be an archeologist.  

Uncle Jasper was very old, nearly twenty, and had said that someday they would go on a dig together. But for now, Ernie needed to practice.  So he did, every day.  

 “Hi Ernie,” said a young voice above him.  Ernie looked up and scowled at Violet, his next door neighbor.  She was looking down at him through the fence.  She was five and a half and a know-it-all.

“ ’ello, Violet,” he mumbled.

“Whatcha doin’?” She craned her head, trying to see.

“I’m digging for mummies,” he said proudly. 

“In the garden?” 

“No one knows where to find them,” he said airily. “Especially not you.” 

“I do too.  They’re not buried in dirt. They’re buried in sand,” she said.

“Are NOT!”

“Are TOO!” 

“Ernie, where are you?” mom called. “Oh, hello, Violet.  What are you arguing about?” She finally saw the trench. “ACK! Are those daddy’s rose bushes?!”

“I dug around them this time,” Ernie said modestly.

“He’s looking for mummies, Mrs. Smith!” tattled Violet. “But he’s not going to find any.”

“Will too!” Ernie said.

“Will not!” Violet said.

“If you’ll excuse us, Violet, I need to talk to Ernie,” mom said.  Violet trotted off home.

“Now, what did I say about digging too close to the rose beds?” mom asked.

“I didn’t dig them UP this time,” he protested.  

“Ernie,” she said in her mom’s voice.

He hung his head. “I’m sorry. I got too close.” 

She sighed and ruffled his hair. “Let’s put the dirt back and get you cleaned up. Did you forget? Uncle Jasper is coming to take you to the beach.”

Ernie hurried as fast as he could.  He couldn’t wait.  Uncle Jasper was coming!  

A few hours later, Ernie bounced and skipped across the parking lot at the beach.  He carried his trusty shovel and a bucket, which he’d gotten for Christmas.  Uncle Jasper approved.  “Never know when a young man might need a good shovel and bucket.” 

Ernie followed Uncle Jasper to a good spot, where they put up their umbrella and stowed away their cooler.  Uncle Jasper insisted that they put on lots of sunscreen (“Mom’s orders”) before they went swimming.  

After lunch, Uncle Jasper reapplied the sunscreen to their faces (“don’t want to burn like toast”), and promptly fell asleep under the umbrella.

Meanwhile, Ernie dug another U shaped trench.  He dumped the sand on Jasper, who soon was covered under a blanket of sand.

 “Hi Ernie,” said the same voice from a few hours ago. 

Ernie looked up and again scowled at Violet.  She had just come out of the water and was wearing swimming goggles on her forehead.  

“ ‘ello, Violet.”

“Whatcha doin’?” 

“I’m digging for mummies.  In SAND.  I know they’re here,” he said.

 “It’s the wrong kind of sand!” she exclaimed.

“Is not!” 

“Is too!” 

best bedtime stories
best bedtime stories

Then he saw Uncle Jasper’s big toe sticking out of the sand pile.  He had a brilliant idea.

“I’ll show you.  Sand mummy! Sit up!” he shouted.

He jabbed the toe with his shovel and Uncle Jasper erupted like a roaring sand monster.  Head to toe, he was coated with sand, glued on by sunscreen.  To make matters worse, one of his feet stepped into the trench, and he lost his balance.  His arms and legs waved madly and scared every child in sight.     

Violet screeched and fled to the safety of her family.

 “Jiminy!” Ernie was awed.  

“What happened?” Uncle Jasper looked after the shrieking girl. “Who was that?”

Ernie looked up, embarrassed. “Erhm, that was Violet.”

“The little girl next door?”

Ernie shuffled his feet. “Yes. She didn’t think I could find a sand mummy.”

 “Hmmm, I see. “ Uncle Jasper sat down, shaking sand from his hair. “Is she the curious sort?”


“So she’ll be back for a second look.” 

Ernie thought for a minute and then nodded.  Uncle Jasper squatted down beside him.  

“I guess we’d better find another sand mummy, huh?”  

Ernie grinned, and they started to dig together.

This best bedtime stories adventure has been written by Victoria, a Bedtime Stories For Kids contributor.

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