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Ruby Visits The Strawbery Farm 🍓, Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Dream Away Stories – Bedtime Stories For Kids

It was still early morning. The sun was just rising and things were still very very quiet in Ruby’s street. In fact, if you stay silent for a second you can hear the birds chirping as they serve as a wake-up call to everyone living in the street.

But guess what! Ruby is already awake, fully dressed, and ready for the day! Why do you ask? Because today, Ruby is heading to the strawberry farm because strawberries are her favorite fruit and she loves everything made out of strawberries!

Question: What colors are strawberries….: RED!!  And if Ruby loves strawberries what color do you think she is wearing today…..: RED!!!

So dressed fully in red from top to toe… red shoes, red socks, red pants, red T-shirt and big red bow in her hair… she is ready to visit the strawberry farm.

The drive to the farm takes around 30 minutes and as Ruby gets closer and closer to the farm the fields of strawberries start to appear…Imagine that you are sitting in the car and to your left and right are just fields upon field upon fields with the most delish bright red strawberries just waiting to be eaten….. Yummy!!

Once at the strawberry farm, Ruby get off her bike and she is greeted by 2 dogs: one dog is called Straw and the other dog is called Berry… if you put those 2 together what do you get?….. Straw-Berry ofcourse!

When a friendly lady arrives and greets Ruby and her family and introduces herself as Rosy: Hi everyone, my name is Rosy and this is my family’s strawberry farm. Welcome! At our strawberry farm you simply grab a bucket and you fill it with as many strawberries that you wish to take home.

We also have a shop, (as she points left) where we sell everything made out of strawberries.. and when I say EVERYTHING, I mean that we make EVERYTHING out of strawberries… from Strawberry Jam to Strawberry Pancakes, to Strawberry Toothpaste and Strawberry perfume to Strawberry cleaning supplies…….. you get what I mean…

Wow, that sounds amazing, Ruby says… as she grabs a bucket and says… lets go into the fieldsssss and she runs into the field of strawberries…. there are 100’s, no, 1000’s, no, millions of strawberries…. and they all ook so amazinggggggg…

Oh I have to try one, as the takes a big juicy bright red strawberry and takes a bite… wow Yummmyyyy, this has to be the best strawberry I have ever had in my entire life!!

And so Ruby starts to fill her bucket with strawberries to the point where its sooo heavy that she cant carry it no more…… Mrs Rosy, Mrs Rosy – Ruby yells, I need some help…..

And so Mrs Rosy comes and carries the bucket filled with strawberries….. ok lets weigh them and see how much you got and she places the bucket on the scale: 10 Kilo, 20 Pounds of strawberries…. woooooow, sooo much Ruby says…

Lets go this way, Mrs Rosy says as she takes the bucket of strawberries and puts all the strawberries into a machine.

This machine is going to clean and wash the strawberries so they dont have any dirt etc and then you have to tell the machine what you want and the machine will create it for you…

Woooow, Ruby says ok… I want

2 Strawberry Milkshakes
1 Strawberry Pie
3 Buckets of strawberry icecream
4 baskets of just strawberries
aaaaanddddddd I would like to have a huge stack of strawberry panckes….

Amazing choice Mrs Rosy says and she inputs this into the machine and the machine gets to work…..

It takes a while but after about 6.5 minutes the machine is done, all the strawberries have been processed and Ruby opens the door of the strawberry machine and she cannot believe her eyes as she sees: Milkeshakes, Pancakes, Strawberry Pie and Icecream…


And so Ruby takes everything from the machine, packs it all into one big bag that just fits perfectly on her bike and as she bikes home with all these delish starberry gifts for the family she thinks to herself: What an amazing day at the strawberry farm! I will be back sooner than later….

Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids
Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

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