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Rowan and Paw Patrol rescue a puppy 🐕, Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Bedtime Stories For Kids

Rowan is at home. He is sitting in the living room watching blippi. Every 5 minutes Rowan just starts laughing when his mom comes in to check on him and she asks: Why are you laughing? Oh, no reasons – Rowan says.. Blippi is just soo funny….

After watching blippi, Rowan decides to just look outside of the window and onto the street. Lets see who drives by – he thinks to himself.
It isn’t long until a car drives past the house and then another car and Rowan can see that the neighbors are coming outside and at the end of the street a small crowd is building.

What is happening outside? Rowan thinks to himself – Mom! There is something happening, can I check outside?

And 2 minutes later Rowan opens his front door and decides to investigate what is actually happening when in the distance he can hear a siren…. Oh, the firefighters! Are they coming here? But what for?!
The siren gets louder and louder and 1 minute later a huge bright red fire truck comes driving into the street and stops in front of the crowd. Chief Rose jumps out of the truck and says: Someone called us? Where is the emergency?

The crowd starts pointing up, to the roof of the house. On top of the roof sits a little puppy who somehow got onto the roof of his house but now is afraid to climb down and so the fire department has to come to try and help him to get safely off the roof

Lets see what we can do, Fire Department Chief Rose says and she instructs her team to think of a plan to safely get this puppy back on the ground but the fire men just dont know how to get the puppy down… they try everything… calling his name, putting down treats…. nothing works…

Chief, I think we need some back up. A fireman says. Yes, I agree – Chief Rose says and she takes her phone and calls for backup: Team? Yes, we need you to come. We cannot do this without you… 5 minutes? Ok, great! 

The chief turns to the crowd of neighbors and says: There is nothing to worry, we will get this puppy from the roof safely. I just called in back-up to get this job done. 
And it isnt long untill the backup help shows up: Ryder! The crowd cheers! 

Wow, Rowan thinks to himself… could this really be? And yes… Ryder, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma…. there are all here: Paw Patrol is HERE!

Paw Patrol, – I am so glad you could come. Do you see this puppy on the roof? We need to get him down and I figured that is noone better than Paw Patrol to make sure this goes smooth.

No problem Ryder says. We are just going to need the help of 1 other person. And Ryder turns around, looks at the crowd and points directly at Rowan. 

Hey you, could you help us? Who? Me? Rowan says. Ofcourse!
And so Rowan joins the rest of Paw Patrol as they come up with a plan to rescue the puppy.

Everyone, get into place – Ryder says. And Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and everyone else take their position and guess what!!!

The puppy slowly and steadily feels confident to start moving from the roof back down to the window where Rowan is waiting to carefully take hold of the puppy and bring it safely back down … 
Wow, you did an amazing job, Ryder says! Maybe one day you can join us?

That would be awesome, Rowan thinks to himself… as he makes his way home where he cant wait to tell his mom that he was part of Paw Patrol.

Bedtime Stories For Kids
Bedtime Stories For Kids

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