Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

Alex & The Magical Pancake | Part 2, Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Dream Away Stories – Bedtime Stories For Kids

As a quick recap

Alex has left his home and he is chasing the smell of pancakes. As he goes on his way he sees a sign that reads: treasure factory and he decides to check it out. Once there alex presses a big red button, not knowing what will happen….

Alex stands in front of this barn like building that is called the Treasure Factory.. Alex pressed down on the big red button when suddenly all the lights in the barn go on and then they go off and then the light go on again but changing colors… Blue light, Red light, Purple Light, Green light…. when the sound of trumpets sounds and the door of the Treasure factory slowly opens….

Welcome to the treasure factory Alex – a super friendly voice says… My name is Madame Diamond and this is the treasure factory. Here we create treasures…..

In front of Alex stands a friendly lady, wearing lots and lots and lots of of diamonds… no wonder she is called Madame Diamond.

Alex, would you like to have a tour of the treasure factory?

Well yes! Alex says… , please follow me… Madame Diamond says.. as they step inside the factory.

Welcome to the Treasure Factory… – Alex looks around and says: I dont see any treasures… no treasure chests, gold…….

Oh No no no, Madame Diamond says… At Treasure factory we believe that the best treasures as not things but they are experiences and memmories. Therefor we make dreams come true!

Look over there, Madame Diamond says…. She points to huge stack of letters! Every day we take these letters, these are requests from people all around the world and we help make these dreams come true… one by one….

Wow thats amazing, Alex says… could I help make the next wish come true?

Sure you can, Madame Diamond says…

Alex takes a letter from the stack, opens it and it reads…

Dear Treasure Factory

I have a biiiig wish that I hope can come true

It is sooo hot outside and I wish I had a swimmingpool in my yard

That way me and my siblings could have so much fun whilst cooling off…

Can you help?



PS my favorite color is red

How do we help Mia? Alex says….. , 

Follow me Madame Diamond says as they walk to a different part of the treasure factory and they stop in front of some sort of a machine….

This is the wish machine, here we simple put in what we need and the machine will create what we need…..

For Mia… what do we need?… We need a pool, Alex says.. but .. like a really really REALLy big one…. oh and we should make it red because thats her favorite color…

Madame Diamond inputs this into the wish machine, Alex – press this green button… and suddenly the wish machine starts shaking, no the entire treasure factory starts shaking…

60 seconds later it stops….

Finished….  OPen the door Alex, as Alex opens the door from the wish machine inside he finds a HUUGE Bright Red Swimming poooooool…… woooow – Alex says.. this machine is amazing! I wish I had one of these at home!

When at that moment, Alex walks past an open window and he can smell the air filled with the smell of yummy pancakes….

Oh, I think I have to get going now, Madame Diamond, please deliver this pool to little Mia, she is going to love it! I think so too, Madame Diamond says…. as Alex says goodbye, hops on his bike…. following the smoke trail that gets bigger and bigger and the smell of pancakes gets stronger and stronger… and it isnt long before Alex gets really really close to the source of the pancake smelling air 🙂

Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids
Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

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