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Vanessa joins the ice cream truck 🍦, Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Dream Away – Bedtime Stories For Kids

Vanessa is at home and she is playing with her 2 cats: David & Drake. Both cats are in a very good mood today as the sun is shining, the sky is blue and Vanessa is having lots and lots of fun when Mom says: Why don’t you go outside and play for a bit

And so Vanessa puts on her jacket, puts on her shoes, opens the front door of the house and walks outside. She stands in her street and she looks to her left…. hmm nothing, she looks to her rights… hmm nothing, just a boring street…. when she hears a sound…

I know that sound….. and Vanessa runs back inside and yells: Mom, the ice cream truck is coming! As the sound gets louder and louder…the ice cream truck pulls into Vanessa’s street and it comes to a complete stop right in front of Vanessa’s house!

Moooom, can I have ice cream? Please…… Fine, but just one, mom says.

Vanessa runs back outside to the ice cream truck where she is greeted by Mr. Snow and Mrs. Cone….Hey Vanessa, welcome to our ice cream truck…. would you like an ice cream today?

Yes! Well, you are in luck because we have over 100 different flavors…..would you like to try all of them? Try 100 ice cream flavors? Wooow… noooooo, that is tooo much…..

Would you have lemon ice cream? Well yes, we do – Mr. Snow says… Amazing – Vanessa replies… and would you have Cookie Ice cream? Yes, we do… Mrs. Cone says…..

Awesome, Vanessa replies… so could you create Lemon Cookie Icecream? / Oh noo, we couldn’t do that Mr. Snow and Mrs. Cone reply…. we would need some help merging these 2 flavors together….

Could you think of anyone that would be able to help us to create this new flavor called Lemon Cookie Ice cream?

When Vanessa jumps up into the sky and says: Meeeeeee, I can do it! I can help you create lemon cookie ice cream!!

Well come on up and Vanessa joins Mr. Snow and Mrs. Cone inside the truck and in front of her are 100 flavors of ice cream: Chocolate, Strawberry, Peach, Smelly Cheese…

Ok super easy, Vanessa says: Where can I find the Lemon ice cream .. as she looks through 100 flavors…. when she spots it: Got it!

Now, where can I find the cookie ice cream… as again she looks through 100 flavors of ice cream: Got it!

So in front of her are 2 batches of ice cream: Lemon and Cookie…. so what do we need to do to turn these 2 ice cream flavors into 1 new one?

We have to mix it!!

So Vanessa takes the Lemon ice cream and she adds it to the cookie ice cream and she starts to mix and blend the 2 flavors together….

It looks soo yummyyyyyy, Vanessa says…. Lemon Cookie Ice Cream is my absolute favorite….

When 2 minutes later Vanessa’s Lemon Cookie Ice Cream is finished…. , ok now we have to try it and Vanessa takes a huge spoon filled with yummy ice cream. She tastes and goes: Yummyyyyy, this is the best ice cream everrrr

Vanessa, Mrs. Cone says… you just created ice cream flavor number 101…. I think you should take this batch and bring it home with you!

Oh, can I? Yesssssss! This should be enough ice cream for the next 5 weeks…… and so Vanessa says goodbye and runs back into the house with a bucket of Lemon Cookie Ice Cream

Moooom, loook… oh Vanessa, I guess we are having Lemon Cookie Ice Cream for dinner today and I think we can share the ice cream with David and Drake as well!

And that evening Vanessa and her entire family, including David and Drake have Lemon Cookie Ice Cream for dinner… making it the best dinner… Everrrr

Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids
Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

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