Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

Robin Watches The New Ice Age Movie 🎥 ,Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Dream Away Stories – Bedtime Stories For Kids

Robin is excited. Today there is no school, the entire family is at home and on the kitchen table is a big blue box with a big blue ribbon on top of it.

It’s been sitting there since yesterday but Dad Alex told Robin that he could only open it today and so from the moment Robin woke up he ran downstairs where Dad is already making breakfast and Robin says: Daaad, can I open up the big blue box? Pleaase…. you said I can open it today

Why dont you finish your breakfast first and then you can go and open up the box! And so Robin eats his advocato toast with wild salmon as quickly as he can before he grabs the box….

Hmmmm, Robin says… I wasnt expecting this! Remember the big blue box is HUGE…. the box feel super super light! Its almost like there is nothing inside……

So Robin takes off the ribbon, opens up the box and a big blue balloon comes flying out and goes straight to the ceiling of the house. (Luckily there is a string attached so Robin can pull the balloon back down)

Robin looks inside the box but the box is empty…. I am confused, Robin says… Well why dont you look at the balloon a little bit closer, Dad says… and so Robin pulls on the string the the balloon makes its ways down from the ceiling into Robins hands

The moment Robin holds the balloon he immediately notices that there is something INSIDE the balloon… its like pieces of paper… but Robin cant really see what it is…. so how do you get the pieces of paper that are inside the balloon… OUT?…

Would you have any idea?

Ofcourse!! Robin needs to pop the balloon….. he grabs a vork… counts down… in 3 2 1 … .and the balloon pops and the pieces of paper that where inside the balloon go flying around the kitchen

Robin is quick to pick up the pieces and once he looks at them he realises that these arnt just pieces of paper… NOOOOO, they are tickets to the moviessssssssss! Amaaziiingggggggg. I love going to the moviessss – Robin says to his dad!

But what movie are we going to watch? Well what does it say ok the ticket? Robin reads: Sneak Peak: Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild – woooooow, Ice Age is my favorite movieeeeee. Robin is super excited… this is going to be the best day ever!

And so that afternoon Robin and his dad make their way to the cinema. The tickets they dont need to buy because they have them… but ofcourse they need a few snacks to go along with the movie…

So when you think of movie snacks… is there something that comes to mind? Is there a specific snack that when going to the movies you would eat?……. Do I hear your say.. carrots? Nooooooo, Cucumber?…. Nooooooooo

Popcorn …… YESSSSSSS

And there are 3 popcorn flavors to chose from:
– Salted Caramel
– Sweet Brocolli
– Sour Cheese and Grapes flavored popcorn….

Take a guess which one Robin chosese…….. the Salted Caramel of course…….. I dont think Sour Cheese and Grape flavored popcorn would taste very nice….

And so that afternoon Robin and his dad watch the new Ice Age movie and they are having the best time ever!  They have some of the best seats in the cinema and the move is just hilarious….

Dad, thanks for this surprise. I had the best time!  Robins says to his dad….. you know what? Robins says…. next week I am going to think of a surprise for you!

I can wait Dad says… as they get in the car and drive home from an awesome afternoon at the movies

Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids
Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

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