Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

Gabriella Nora draws her dream bike 🚲, Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Dream Away Stories – Bedtime Stories For Kids

Gabriella Nora is sitting at the kitchen table but she isn’t sitting there by herself. No, she is surrounded by not 1, not 2, not 3 but she is surrounded by 5 of her favorite barbies and baby dolls. She is just playing with them as her mom walks into the kitchen, sits down, and starts to read the Montreal Gazette news paper.

As mom turns page after page on the paper she comes across a blank paper inside the newspaper. All it reads is: Draw your dream bike! Draw Your Dream Bike and if chosen we will create it for you!
Mom places the draw your dream bike paper on the table and says: Gabriella Nora, why don’t you draw your dream bike… maybe you will win!

So at the kitchen table, Gabriella Nora starts drawing and drawing. She is thinking about what her dream bike would look like: What color it would have, how many people it would fit, is there space on the bike for her barbies and baby dolls?… Also how fast would this bike go? — When you think about it, there is a lot to consider when drawing your dream bike.

About 1 hour later Gabriella Nora is finished and she calls her mom: Moom, look at my dream bike, it is perfect! Mom comes into the kitchen and agrees: This is the most awesome bike I have ever seen: 

It is a pink & purple colored bike. It is the exact perfect size. Up front it has a basket where it can fit 5 barbies and if needed this bike can go super super fast!

And so that afternoon mom takes the drawing, takes a picture, and emails it to Vincent Velo Shop in the city center of Montreal.

6 days go by and Gabriella Nora is playing outside with some of her friends when a big purple truck comes driving into the street and stops right in front of Gabriella Nora’s house!

2 Men get out of the truck, open the back of the truck and take out, what looks to be quite a large package all wrapped in purple, pink gift wrapping and it also has not 1 but 10 balloons attached to it….

They ring the doorbell and mom opens up the door when she turns to Gabriella Nora and yells: Gabriellaaaaaa, come quick this package is for you!!

For me? But I didn’t order anything…

Gabriella Nora takes a good look at the package. She walks around it and inspects it from every angle: Can I unwrap it?

And at that moment Gabrielle Nora starts unwrapping the package and it isn’t long before she discovers what is inside:

Moooom, Mooom you won’t believe it! This is exactly the bike that I drew! Look its pink and purple and this is the basket for my barbies and… its the perfect size

When at that moment a Miss Julliet, a reporter from the Montreal Gazette shows up and says: Congratulation on your dream Bike – can I take a picture of you to publish in the Montreal Gazette newspaper tomorrow?

Am I going to be famous now? Gabriella Nora asks? Well yes you are! All of Montreal will be able to see the amazing bike that you created

Why dont you give it a try?

And Gabriella Nora takes her dream bike, gets on, and starts riding! Woow, its perfect! As she rides from one end of the street to the next. Then she stops, runs inside and grabs 5 of her most favorite barbies, and puts them neatly in the front basket of the bike and off she goes again… riding into the sunset, on her dream bike with all her favorite barbies right by her side….

Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids
Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

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