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Jaxon & Noa Ferrari Car Dino Adventure 🦕 , Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Bedtime Stories For Kids

Jaxon and Noa are out helping their dad Tyler with the weekly groceries. Jaxon is pushing the shopping cart and Noa helps to pick the items that are on Dad’s shopping list.

What’s next? Noa asks… we need 2 jars of pickles and 2 boxes of vanilla ice cream because I think I will make my famous Vanilla Icecream and Pickles dessert tonight…

Vanilla Icecream and Pickles? Jaxon and Noa both say… eeuwwwwwww No! We don’t want that … just kidding… dad says as they walk through the store and fill up the cart with groceries.

The store is quite busy but that’s maybe also because part of the store is closed for renovations. Meaning they are taking that part of the store and doing all sorts of construction work to make that part bigger, better, and just nicer…

Jaxon and Noa get in line at the register as they are getting ready to go home. When suddenly an alarm rings.. and an announcement follows: 

Dear Shoppers, this is Mr. James from Mr. James Supermarket, as you have noticed we are renovating part of the store. During these renovations, our team has stumbled upon what looks to be dinosaur bones and we need these super old dinosaur bones to be transported to the museum super fast. Do we have anyone in the store right now that is willing to take the supermarket’s Ferrari car and take these dinosaur bones to the museum?

Yesssss, Jaxon, and Noa both scream out loud! Dad, we have to do it! Driven a super-fast Ferrari car, dinosaur bones….. – We have to!

And 5 minutes later Jaxon and Noa both stand in front of a bright red Ferreri Dino 246 car! How fast can this car go? Noa asks Mr. James: This car can go up to 146 MPH and it can go from 0 to 62 mph in 5 seconds… WOW – Jaxon and Noa both say at the same time…

Here are the dino bones. Mr. James says. Please be super careful. These bones are super super super old. Please make sure they get to the museum safely. Once there ask for Mrs. Di or Mr. No… they will take care of it.

Jaxon, Noa, and their Dad get into the car. Start the engine… and off they go

Faster, Jaxon says… and dad presses down on the gas pedal a tiny bit more… Faster Noa says and a bit faster they go again….
As they drive through the street and onto the highway people around them start to notice. It is not every day that a super awesome bright red Ferrari Dino 246 car drives around Kellar, Texas.

After about an amazing drive in the car for around 35 minutes, they arrive at the museum. The Station House in Keller, Texas is usually more about trains BUT they are about to open a very special dinosaur exhibition and thus these dino bones fit perfectly.

On arrival, they are greeted by Mrs. Di and Mr. No – Noa, Jaxon – we have been waiting for you. Nice car by the way. As they carefully hand over the dino bones to the museum.

We open up our exhibition in 2 days so please make sure to come back. You will get free entrance of course. But now for the fun part. You have to take the car back to the supermarket and you can go super super fast as you no longer have to worry about the dino bones.

So Jaxon and Noa and Dad get back into the car. Faster… faster…. and they get back to the supermarket in just 10 minutes.

Here Mr. James from the supermarket greets them and says… Thank you sooo much. Those groceries you wanted to buy… are freee…. plus I added a few more of those pickles and vanilla icecream.. as we overheard that this is your favorite dessert…

Jaxon and Noa just start laughing and slowly make their way back home.

Bedtime Stories For Kids
Bedtime Stories For Kids

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