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Mason & Kennedy have a Cocomelon Spiderman Cake Party 🍰 , Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Bedtime Stories For Kids

Mason and Kennedy are in the kitchen. They are eating super yummy chocolate chip cookies that their mom Jennifer made. And we all know that when mom bakes cookies they are going super quick because everyone thinks they are super delicious.

Kennedy turns on the tv and it is his favorite show: Coco Melon…. and a few seconds after he is singing and dancing along with all of his favorite songs….

Mason grabs the Ipad and starts to watch his show: Spiderman. He loves to see spiderman just flying through New York catching the bad guys

When the phone rings

It rings 1 time and when Mason picks up… its too late

5 minutes later the phone rings again… Kennedy picks up but when he does it is too late and there is nobody there?

What is going on they ask….

Who is calling and not answering?

The phone rings a third time and this time Mason and Kennedy both answer and put the phone on speaker:

Helloooooooo, they both say… Euhm yes… this is Bobby the Baker from Bobbies Bakery is this Mason and Kennedy?…. Yes, they both say….

I am calling, Bobby the Baker says because I am been working all day. No actually I have been working all night AND day to create 2 super mega special HUGE cakes for a very special party but the party has been canceled and now I dont know what to do with these 2 super mega special Huge cakes…..

And I was wondering, because nobody is going to eat these super mega amazing cakes.. if I could maybe send them to your house….

Mason and Kennedy both look at their mom and say: Can Bobby the Baker send his cakes to us? Of Course he can!

And so about 20 minute later a truck appears in the driveway and 2 men start to unload 2 HUGE boxes. Wow, they ARE Huge cakes…. as the men place the 2 boxes in the kitchen.
Ok, I think we need to call some friends, Mom Jennifer says as we cannot just eat these 2 cakes by ourselves. So she picks up the phone and starts calling and messaging all of Kennedy and Mason’s friends and family.

One Hour later the entire house is filled with people.  Everyone is excited because everyone loves cake.

Mason climbs on a chair and says: Everyone, lets unbox the first cake, Kennedy climbs on another chair and says: And then we can unbox the second box

And then the cake eating party can begin!!!!!

So everyone goes into the kitchen and Mason on one side and Kennedy on another side then super slowly lift the box…. up and up and very very slowly the cake appears…. there is a green base mixed with red and it looks like there is something…. no wait someone on top of it….

Noooooo Waaay, Kennedy says and they unbox the cake and everyone starts cheering. They are looking at a super mega special Coco Melon cake! This is going to be my favorite cake EVER, Kennedy says….

When they turn to the second box and lift the box super super slowly to make sure nothing breaks…… here the base is bright red mixed with blue….. – No waaaaaaay – Mason says as the box comes off completely and Mason and Kennedy are looking at a Spiderman Cake..

This is awesome Mason says, this is going to be my favorite cake!

Let the Cocomelon & Spiderman Cake party begin – Mom says. Those that love Cocomelon go to the left and those that want a piece of spiderman cake go to the right

And that afternoon, Mason and Kennedy are having a super fun spontaneous Cocomelon and Spiderman cake party with all of their friends and family! And they are just having the best afternoon… EVER

Bedtime Stories For Kids
Bedtime Stories For Kids

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