Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

Khaleel climbs the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa) 🇦🇪, Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Dream Away – Bedtime Stories For Kids

It is Wednesday morning and Khaleel and his dad Omar are in the car driving on Sheikh Zayed Road from Abu Dhabi towards Dubai. And after passing the Expo2020 site they drive past the Marina making their way towards downtown Dubai.

And as they get closer and closer more and more buildings and skyscrapers appear but there is 1 building that stands out. It stands out a crazy amount from the rest of the other buildings and that is the Burj Khalifa.

The burj what? The Burj Khalifa.. burj just means the word: Tower. And What is so special about this tower?

What if I told you that this tower is the tallest building in the world! It is 828 meter or 2716 feet in height, there are 163 floors….. it is a super super super tall building… and do you know you get when  you have the tallest building in the world?

Amazing views!

So as Khalil and his dad are in the car, Khalil cannot help but to spot the tallest building in the world: Daaaad, can we go there? I have never been… its sooo huugeeee

Khalil, Dad Omar says: You know I am afraid of heights. Do you really think its a smart idea for me to climb the tallest building in the world when you afraid of heights?

YES!!! Lets do it!! Khaleel says cheerfully. It will be a great way to overcome your fear as you will realise there is absolutely nothing to be afraid off.

So dad gives in and drives from the highways towards the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. And as they get closer and closer it becomes clear how tall this building really is.

Think about the tallest building you have ever seen…. Can you think of something? Now lets double, no let’s triple that building…. that’s how tall the Burj Khalifa is!

A few minutes later they arrive at the entrance of the tallest building in the world. Khaleel looks up and goes: Woah… , Dad looks up and goes: Woaaaaahhhh….

Come on dad! You can do this!

As they get to the front of the line they have 2 options:

Walk the stairs or take the elevator…. What would you do? Climb 160 stairs? Or take the elevator…

Ofcourse, Khaleel and his dad take the elevator. They get on, the door closes and wooaaaaah, its like a rocketship.. It just shoots up up and up and it’s going super super fast to get to the observation deck and the elevator comes to a halt on the 124th floor….The doors open and khaleel walks out, filled with excitement when he turns around and sees his dad still in the elevator:

Come-on dad, don’t be afraid its only the 124th floor… when Dad takes a deep breath… Yalla, lets go and he confidently walks out the elevator and step by step is conquering his fear of heights!

See, it’s not that bad, Khaleel says: You are right! This is awesome! And as they walk onto the observation deck they can see for miles and miles and miles…

its like being high in the sky, its like being on an airplane – Khaleel says…. this is just amazing! When dad takes out his iphone and they start making amazing selfies, euh memories together

Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids
Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

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