Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

Arya’s Sweet And Magical Day Dream 🦄, Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Dream Away Stories – Bedtime Stories For Kids

Arya and her two best friends Tinay and Alice are in the kitchen. Today they are baking, or at least trying to make an eclair du Chocolat. Which is almost like a donut, in a way. A super super yummy pastry but also very tricky to make.. but if you do it correctly it is super super yummy!

So Arya and her friends are in the kitchen, baking away when Arya looks outside of the kitchen window and she cannot believe her eyes…. – no way! Did she see this correctly?

Arya stares at a pony, just standing there in her backyard…..where is this pony coming from? Who owns it but more importantly what is the pony’s name?

So Arya puts on her jacket, opens the backdoor, and carefully walks outside where she gets face2face with the cutest pony she has ever seen…..

Arya notices that the pony is wearing almost like a necklace and attached to it is a little box… so Arya decides to remove the necklace from the pony and opens up the little box.

Inside she finds a small piece of paper that is folded up 10 times. After unfolding it there are some words on the pieces on paper that reads…

Bonjour Arya

Je suis Celestia, which means hello Arya, My name is Celestia
Follow me and I will show you a magical door to a land filled with unicorns…..

Wow, I love unicorns, Arya thinks to herself and Celestia the pony just starts walking and Arya decides to follow her.

I wonder where Celestia will take me, Arya wonders as she walks through back alleys, small streets and ends up at a small patch way right between two big trees where there is a biiiig green door. right between the 2 trees and on the door there is a sign that reads: Pathway to Unicorns….

Arya opens op the bright green door and walks through and instantly she is transported to what looks to be a completely different world. A magical world….. where everything just seems so colorful! The leaves on the tree are super green and the sky is amazingly blue, the air smells like pancakes ..

Arya starts walking on the pathway when quickly the pathway leads her to an open space. A greenfield where in the middle of the field there is a table and on the table are some of the most amazing looking eclair du chocolat ever and so she sit-downs and decides to eat one…

When at that moment, completely out of nowhere … 2 unicorns appear…. they dont seem to notice Arya as she sits at the table eating her eclair but the unicorns seem to be in some sort of a deep conversation as they appear from one side of the open field and casually walks across to the other side…

WOW – Arya thinks to herself, did I just see 2 unicorns? No way!! That is amazing, they look so magical and so big and so beautiful!

When all of a sudden Arya remembers that her mom must be worried about where she is…. I mean, i dont think her mom knows how to enter this magical unicorn world…..

But how to get back home?

Arya looks at her watch, maybe it could become a magic watch?

What if I just turn back time, on my watch… lets say 1 hour?  And then close my eyes and when I open them… who knows….

So Arya takes her magical watch, turns back the time one hour… closes her eyes and counts to 10… 8 9 10…. 
opens her eyes back up and there she is…. in the kitchen…. with Tinay and Alice……

Hey Arya, … welcome back…. where you day dreaming?  Alice says… we thought you fell asleep for a second….

The eclairs are ready… lets go and try them!!!

Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids
Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

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