Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

Alex & The Magical Pancake 🥞 | Part 1, Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Welcome to Dream Away Stories, Bedtime Stories For Kids

It was early morning and the sun was rising. The first rays of light made its way through the crack right between the curtains of Alex’s bedroom window.

It’s time to wake up and get out of bed – Alex thinks to himself as he gets out and walks towards his window and opens up the curtains.

It is going to be a wonderful day, he says as he pulls the curtains aside opens up the window, and in the distance, Alex can see the peak of chocolate mountain, covered in beautiful and super yummy white chocolate
When Alex takes a deep breath and immediately takes a step back.

You see, normally when Alex opens up his window and takes a deep breath he can smell the chocolate from chocolate mountain… but today he is smelling something completely different… he is smelling: Banana Pancakes….. but where is that smell coming from?

Alex runs down to see if someone is making pancakes for breakfast but everyone in the house is still a sleep. Alex goes back to his bedroom and looks outside of his window.. when he notices that in the far far distance. Somewhere behind the next door villages and Forrest there is smoke coming from….. well he cant see it is too far….. but Alex is 1000% sure that the smell of pancakes is coming from whatever is producing the smoke…

So Alex has no choice, he has to go and explore because the small of these banana pancakes make him super duper hungry

So very very quietly Alex decides to leave his home and he decides to follow the smoke signal that will hopefully bring him closer and closer to wherever this smell of pancakes is coming from.. And so he hops on his bike and he starts biking, leaving his street, then his neighbourhood and soon enough he has left behind the town where he lives.

I am going in the right direction! Alex thinks to himself because the smell of pancakes is getting stronger and stronger and I think I can start to smell different kinds of pancakes: Blueberry Pancakes, Chocolate Chip Pancakes…. im so exiteddddd – Alex thinks to himself when in the corner of his eye he notices a sign.

A sign that reads: Treasure Factory – Oh i should go have a look, Alex says to himself and he makes a left turn and follows the sign

After cycling for about 4 more minutes Alex arrives at what looks to be a former or old barn. There is nothing really around but it is just a huge old shed with music playing inside and in front of 1 of the big windows there is a sign that says: Treasure Factory, please ring the doorbell…

Ok so thats what I will do, alex thinks to himself… but there is just 1 problem: Where is the doorbell? He searches left, he searches right but he cant seem to find it… all that he can see is a biiig red button with a small sign that says: dont touch……

Could this be the doorbell? Alex thinks to himself… but the sign says.. dont touch…. Alex places his finger on the button and counts to 3 2 1 ….. and presses the button and at that moment something crazy happens…..

Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids
Dream away stories bedtime stories for kids

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