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Alex Flies The Hot Air Balloon 🎈| Visiting Reagan’s Dino Land 🦕

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Welcome to bedtime stories for kids. My name is Mike and I am super excited that you’re joining me today. Why? Because it is super story week. And that means that you are getting a brand new adventure every single day, this week. And we already at day number. Too. So if you have not yet listened to yesterday’s adventure, please do so because it will help you with today’s story. 

So don’t forget. Also, if you want me to create a story just for you and simply ask any grown-up to get in touch. Speaking of grownups, Hey grown-ups did you notice the very best way to support this podcast is to simply request a story, visit bedtime stories for to go and request your varied. One and those listening through any kind of apple device do leave a five-star review as well as that helps me out a tremendous amount. 

And it’s such an easy thing. Now, if you’re already, then I’m also ready Reagan. This story is for you. So I hope that you’re ready as well. Please, everybody raise your left hand and your right foot as high into the sky. You can count down with me. In 5 0 3, 2 

Alex and pizza pizza are in the balloon higher and higher and higher and higher. And at first they were just going up and up and up into this. But suddenly the wind starts to pick up and it’s pushing the balloon into a brand new direction. Alex still has the manual on how to fly a hot air balloon. So he starts to read the manual on how to make sure that everything will be okay. 

The wind keeps blowing. And luckily after a while, the wind slows down and Alex looks down at the ground to see where they are following the manual. Alex decides to see if he can try and land the book. So slowly but steadily, he manages that the balloon goes down and down and down, but now where to land Alex spots, what looks to be so garden? 

Oh, can I land there? Who lives in this house? But Alex has no choice and he needs to land. And within just a few seconds, the hot air balloon touches down and Alex and pizza pizza safely land that moment. The door from the house opens because after all Alex lended the balloon in someone’s garden and out walks Reagan ready? 

Good. Goodness. Believe her. She was sitting in the living room, drawing an amazing dyno when she looked up and she saw Alex lending in her back yard. Hi, I’m Alex. This is pizza pizza. Who are you? I’m Regan. We have had many visitors at our house, but you are the first person to land a hot air balloon in our garden. 

Um, which you like to come inside? Alex pizza pizza and Reagan go inside the house and to have some tea this time they’re having regular tea and not some crazy flavor like coconut broccoli tea. For example, when Alex asks, where are we welcomed in Texas Reagan says, and to be more specific, welcome to dyno land. 

Dyno land. What is that? Alex asks. Do you see that big fence? Behind it are real dynos big ones and small ones and fast ones and super slow ones. And you see that tower in the distance. That is the dyno viewpoint. If you go there, you can see all of dyno lands. And if you’re lucky, you might get to spot some of your favorite. 

Dynos do have the favorite dyno Reagan asks Alan. Yes, of course. I love the bedtime or Saurus. What about you? Pizza. Pizza? Do you ever favorite dyno as well? That means, yes. Do you think we can go to the dyno viewpoint? Happy to take you? Reagan says, so the three of them walked past the fence all the way to the view point. 

It’s like a tower, but it’s like a super high. Now there are two options to get to the top. We can either take the speedy stairs or the slower Vater. Hmm. Alex says, should we try this speed? Is there. And Alex starts walking up the stairs when he notices that the stairs are coming faster and faster and quicker and quicker. 

And he has to start running and running up the stairs. Whoa, this is going too quick when suddenly it stops. Wait, we made it to the top, but how we’re super high? Well, that is this BD stairs. I mean, we can always take the slower Vader down, Reagan. So Alex pizza, pizza and Reagan are at the very top of the dyno view point. 

Whoa. They look over a huge piece of land when Alex goes, oh, whoa. As he spots, what looks to be. No, wait, I cannot be. He spots a bedtime of Saurus. This is amazing. Alec says to Regan. I am so glad I decided to land our balloon in your garden. For me here, you can just watch all the dinos. This is amazing. The three of them spend the afternoon at the dyno view point and they spot over 23 different types of tires knows when Alex notices that the wind picked up again and it’s blowing in a different direction. 

Oh, I think we have to get back to the balloons. And as Alex and pizza pizza hopped back into the balloon and say goodbye to Reagan, the balloon lifts off Alex and pizza pizza are on their way to the next adventure that you can listen to. Mom. With that we’re going to end today’s adventure. Please do share this with all your friends and your family. 

I hope you had fun. Join me in the next adventure. And if you want me to create a story just for you, then simply ask any grown to get in touch. So with that being said, I wish you good night sweet dreams. And if you’re not yet going to sleep, I wish you an amazing. And I’ll see you in the next adventure tomorrow.

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