“Stories are like islands, go out exploring and you're bound to get lost fantastically.”

― M. Robert Randolph

Our mission is to spark the imagination of 1 million children around the world! Fueling their belief that anything is possible as long as they believe!

Exactly 6 minutes after publishing the very first episode the first streams and downloads came rolling in. From that day onward our stories are being streamed by children from every corner around the world. In return we are incredibly honored to be a fixed part of the bedtime routine of thousands of children and their parents. Dream Away Stories is now morphing into a platform, the epicenter of all things bedtime stories for kids!

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We publish new podcast episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We publish new bedtime stories on our website (almost) every single day

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Yes! Please visit the dedicated section on this website!

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No! Many kids listen whilst traveling, driving, waiting, etc. – throughout any time of the day!

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Meet Mike

‘’I spend almost 10 years telling bedtime stories for kids!’’

As a volunteer, I spend almost 10 years of my life working with kids aged 5-12. Here one of my favorite things to do was creating (crazy fun) stories and sharing these with the kids I worked with. 

I decided to take that specific element (storytelling) and launch a podcast to fuel and spark my creativity and in hopes to bring a smile on the face of anyone that would choose to listen. 

Today Dream Away Stories is morphing into a platform, dedicated to Bedtime Stories. Powered by a team of fantastic volunteers.

We are incredibly honored and humbled by the overwhelming response and we cannot wait to create many more exciting bedtime adventures.

Mike, Founder Dream Away - Bedtime Stories For Kids