a bedtime story

A Bedtime Story: Try, Try and Try Again

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Tonight, we are going to read a bedtime story about how you should never give up. Zayn was a poorly little boy with a big heart and even greater determination. So, sit back, relax, and listen closely to a bedtime story of how he never gave up.

Zayn was a poorly little boy, and he didn’t always get to do all of the things that his friends got to do. Because Zayn was so poorly, he sometimes didn’t get to go to school. He wasn’t keen on staying at home, because he loved school so much and all of his friends were there. But he enjoyed his mums creamy hot chocolates while he studied at home. He wasn’t allowed to drink hot chocolate when he studied at school, so that was cool.

You see Zayn was born healthy and happy, just like most of his school friends, but one day when he had been feeling very sick, he went to the hospital. The hospital told Zayn and his mum and dad that he was very ill and would need to have some medicine every week to help him feel better again.

“It might make you feel a little sick after” said the kind nurse “And you may lose your hair because of the medicine, but you will begin to feel better”.

All Zayn could hear was that he may lose his hair. Zayn didn’t mind though, now he could paint his face red like spiderman, and he could paint his head as well. How cool he would look, he thought.

One day, when Zayn was feeling particularly under the weather, he went to bed early and asked his mum to read him a bedtime story. She of course agreed and began to read him the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Zayn loved ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and his mum did too.

“This story reminds me of you Zayn” his mum would say to him softly, “You are as determined as the wolf and as smart as the little piggy who makes his house out of bricks”.

Zayn would get confused about this statement his mum made sometimes, wondering why he was being compared to a wolf and especially a pig. Who wants to be compared to a pig? However, for some reason this night, when his mum read him a bedtime story he had read one hundred times before, Zayn finally understood what his mum meant.

Kissing him on the head and saying goodnight, Zayn’s mum made her way out of his room, asking him to call if he needed anything. Zayn never did, he was too stubborn to ask for help unless he really needed it. That’s when Zayn understood the comparison his mum had made so many times.

“I am determined” Zayn said out loud to himself. “I am smart.” He continued.

Just then, Zayn grabbed his laptop and turned it on to watch his favourite sports clips on You Tube. Basketball. Zayn loved Basketball and before he got poorly, he used to play all of the time. But recently, he had felt weaker than usual and so wasn’t able to play. 

But Zayn was determined…and he was smart.

He remembered during one of his hospital visits, his mum had been given a wheelchair from the doctor, as she was told that some days Zayn might feel too weak to walk. Zayn had never liked that wheelchair, he felt silly in it knowing he could walk. He didn’t think other people looked silly in a wheelchair but for some reason, he thought he did.

a bedtime story
a bedtime story

Not anymore.

The next morning, Zayn slowly bumped his way down the stairs. Bumping is when Zayn’s legs felt like spaghetti, so he would sit on the top of the stairs and bump his bottom down the steps. It made him laugh, even if it made his bottom a little sore. When he reached the bottom, he asked his dad for his wheelchair. Zayn’s dad fetched the wheelchair for Zayn and offered to help him into it.

“No thanks dad, I’m a wolf but I’m also smart,” said Zayn.

Zayn’s dad looked a little confused, but he simply replied,

“Yes, you are son, yes you are”

With all of his strength and determination Zayn tried to pull himself into his wheelchair. He couldn’t do it at first, but he tried, tried and tried again. Finally, after several attempts, Zayn’s bottom hit the seat of the wheelchair with a familiar bump. Sweat dripped from his head from all the lifting onto the chair and he was suddenly very tired. He looked at his mum.

“Easy” he said.

“Not easy, determined” replied his mum.

Zayn smiled.

Zayn then proceeded to make his way to the cupboard where he kept his sports balls. He had a football, a hockey ball, (and stick) and a basketball. His favourite basketball. He loved it so much because it was very special to him. When Zayn was only 6 years old, he went to visit his grandparents in San Francisco, and they treated him to a day out watching The Golden State Warriors live basketball game. Zayn got his ball signed by a famous basketball player called Stephen Curry and he had kept the ball close to him ever since.

Zayn grabbed his basketball and went to go in the garden.

“Breakfast first Zayn” his mum called to him.

“Yes, you need your strength if you want to beat me on the court.” Said his dad.

Zayn’s dad also loved basketball and he had taught Zayn a lot. But Zayn was sure he would be better one day. He was determined to be.

“I’m not hungry but I’ll have something after I beat you on the court dad” Zayn replied.

Zayn’s dad laughed and replied,

“Ok my little wolf, let’s play”

“Big wolf” said Zayn, before wheeling himself outside for a quick practice.

“At least get your hat, it’s cold outside.” Said Zayn’s mum.

At first, when Zayn tried to wheel himself around the court, he kept losing the ball and became very frustrated. His dad could see this and proceeded to encourage Zayn in every way he could.

“You’re strong, you’re determined and you’re smart.” Zayn’s dad said.

Zayn had nearly forgotten but his dad’s words made him determined once again. Then suddenly, Zayn had an idea. 

“How about we have a three throw competition dad?” Said Zayn.

“Sure” Said his dad, “If you don’t mind losing because I’m a wolf too.”

Zayn smiled before replying,

“Not likely dad.”

Three throws are where basketball players stand at the very edge of their side of the court and try to score from far away. It was even harder to do in a wheelchair, because most basketball players are over 6ft tall and much closer to the net than Zayn sat in his wheelchair. But he has his determination to try, try and try again. And so, he did.

20 minutes turned into 30 minutes, then into 1 hour, then into 2 hours before Zayn looked at his dad and saw just how hot and sweaty, he was. The score was 66 to dad and 60 to Zayn. He was losing but he was so close.

“It’s time to go in and eat now Zayn.” Said his dad.

“Just 5 more shots each dad, if I score 3 of them, I win. If I score less than 3, you win. Deal?” Said Zayn.

“Deal.” Said Zayn’s dad.

With sweat dripping down Zayn’s face, his wooly hat fixed firmly to his head, Zayn’s determined to score these shots. 

“How about I have a shot first to make it a little harder for you, my boy?” Said Zayn’s dad.

“Ok” said Zayn, “But I can still beat you”.

Zayn’s dad smiled and had a shot. He missed it.

“Oh no” said Zayn, in a slightly sad but sarcastic way. “My turn”.

Zayn moved up to take a shot and took a deep breath. He scored.

“That’s just luck” said Zayn’s dad, smiling at him.

“Skill” said Zayn.

He then took his second shot. He scored.

Zayn’s dad’s smile now turned into admiration.

“Ok, ok, I see you want to win. But, can you score again?” His dad said.

Zayn didn’t reply, he simply took another shot. Scored. 

“That’s 69 to me and 66 to you dad,” said Zayn.

“How about you see if you can score the last two shots?” Said his dad, “If you do, I’ll buy you ice-cream, deal?”

“Deal” said Zayn.

Zayn took the ball and had his fourth shot. Scored. Now he was feeling extra determined to make that final shot. So determined in fact he had a burst of strength and decided to stand. He couldn’t stand at first, but he tried, tried and tried again. 

“Go on son, you can do it.” Said Zayn’s dad.

On the fifth try, Zayn stood at the edge of his court; his legs like jelly and wishing he had eaten his breakfast this morning for the extra energy, and he scored. 

“Yessssssssss” Screamed his dad with joy. “You did it my boy, you beat me, and you stood to score the final shot. That’s because you’re a wolf”

“No dad” said Zayn “Today you’re the wolf and I am the pig and I tried, tried and tried again.”

I hope you enjoyed a bedtime story about the most determined little boy named Zayn. It just goes to show, no matter how different you are or how you may be feeling. If you try, try and try again, you’re far more likely to succeed. Come back again soon for more bedtime stories from me, Kayleigh.

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