a bedtime story

A bedtime story: The Moon’s Best Friend

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Have a look at the moon tonight, then snuggle into bed, get comfortable, and enjoy a bedtime story.

If you look up into the night sky right now, you’ll see the moon, big and proud and glowing. But somewhere deep in the night sky, straight up and a little to the right of the moon, you’ll see the moon’s best friend.

The moon’s best friend is a sparkly little star. It’s the friendliest star in the whole night sky, which is very impressive, because all stars are very friendly by nature.

The moon and the star met about 15 billion years ago, which is a long time after the moon was born, but a long time before your Grandma was born. In fact, the moon and the star have watched everyone you love appear on earth, including you.

Everyone loved the friendliest star. Comets would soar past to say hello and satellites blinked jokes at it as they flew past just to hear it laugh. But the moon loved the star the most, and woke up every night just to see it, because it was it’s best friend.

Even though the little star was deeply loved, one day it got very sad. It looked at it’s friend the moon, which was so big and shiny, and wished with all it’s might that it could grow to be that beautiful and important too. 

That night, the sad little star twinkled less, and all the other stars and planets and space junk didn’t know what to do. They cared about the star so much, but had never seen it unhappy. The star did not tell anyone, not even the moon, why it was sad. Even though everyone feels sad sometimes, and even though feeling sad is sometimes good for us, the star was worried about telling it’s friends.

The moon tried very hard to cheer the star up. It pulled faces, and spun around really fast in a circle, which confused the astronauts. The moon asked everything else in the night sky to try and cheer the star up too.

The satellites came by to do a comedy show with their best jokes, like “How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep? You rocket!” and “How does Jupiter hold up his trousers? With an asteroid belt!” The little star was very grateful for them, but sometimes when you’re sad, laughing isn’t enough.

Some of the space dust made pictures in the sky for the star. They created a flower, they made a whale, and they even drew the Eiffel tower! But whilst this was all very impressive, none of these cheered the star up. They were too big and bright and made the star feel very small.   

a bedtime story
a bedtime story

Mars came and sang the star a song, all about being red and dusty and hot. The star thought Mars was very talented, but because Mars didn’t understand what the star was going through, it did not cheer the star up. 

The milky way performed a dance for the star, twisting and turning to music played by a black hole. But even that did not work, because seeing two best friends working together so well made the star even sadder.  

Eventually, everything in the night sky had to go to bed, leaving the little star and the moon alone together.

“What’s wrong, my friend?” The moon asked. “I hate to see you upset.”

The star twinkled sadly and sighed. “You know moon, thank you for asking me what’s wrong. Everyone tonight has tried to fix my problem without knowing what my problem is.”

“I’m sorry, star.” Said the moon. “We wanted you to be happy so much that we forgot to ask you why you weren’t.”

“The truth is moon, I love you, and you are the best friend I could ask for. But I am much smaller than you. I want to be as impressive as you are. You see moon, I wish I was as big as you and I wish I shone as brightly as you. I wish people on Earth loved me as much as they love you! I have spent 15 billion years in your shadow, and tonight is the first time that has made me sad, and it is because you are so much better at everything than me.” 

The moon was heartbroken. “Star, just because I shine brighter, doesn’t make me better.” The moon began to list all the ways that star was important. It spoke about how sailors used it to navigate the oceans, how children made wishes on it, how it’s twinkle was so bright that it was the first thing people on earth saw appear in the dusk sky. It sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and spoke about stars on top of Christmas trees. There was even a bedtime story written about it maybe more. With each point, the star began to shine a little brighter.

“Being big and powerful isn’t important.” said the moon. “The way you make others feel is. You are the friendliest star in the whole solar system. Meteors change paths just to say hello to you. Saturn always makes sure it’s rings are shiny when you visit. All the other stars look up to you because you are so kind. You are perfect as you are, little star.” At this, the star shone so brightly that the sky thought the sun was rising. All the planets and stars cheered knowing the star knew it was loved, and was happy again.

So next time you look outside at the night sky, remember to say hello to the moon, and to its best friend the star. If you watch really, really carefully, you might even see that star twinkle “hello” back. 


A bedtime story tonight has been written by Kimberley Killender, a Dream Away stories contributor.

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